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Easy Ways to Download YouTube Premium Movies

7 Min Read
February 13, 2020

Almost everyone likes to spend time watching videos on YouTube. YouTube not only is a good place to share and viewing videos, but also provides original resources of various music videos, TV programs, news, games and sports, as well as many interesting movies.

YouTube Movies

Apart from the fact that most of us can't spare a long time to watch a movie and can't finish the whole movie at once, the advertisement when playing the movie will also make you fidgety. In addition, when the network is slow, it is even more disturbing that you have to buffer YouTube movies frequently. However, by downloading YouTube premium movies, we can easily avoid these problems.

Based on the above reasons, this blog has collected and would like to show you how to download YouTube premium movies from YouTube in two super simple ways.

Way 1. Fast Download YouTube Premium Movies with VidPaw YouTube Converter

VidPaw YouTube Converter is a helpful and free online YouTube converter that can help you to download the YouTube premium movies without hassle. It has a clean download page without pop-up ads, so that you will not accidentally click on ads and download other unnecessary software or even dangerous malware. This top online video converter has no malware, adware, virus, etc., so the environment is completely secure for using.

VidPaw YouTube Converter

VidPaw YouTube Converter offers three quick and effective methods for users using different devices. The following is the specific method to use VidPaw to download YouTube premium movies with different systems.

Method 1. Download Download YouTube Premium Movies on PC

STEP 1. Copy and Paste the Link of YouTube Premium Movies
Open VidPaw YouTube Converter and the page of your favorite YouTube movie, then copy and paste the URL of the YouTube premium movie to the download box in VidPaw YouTube Converter. Then click on the [Convert] button.

VidPaw YouTube Converter

STEP 2. Choose Your Desired Format and Quality
After the information of the YouTube movie is loaded, you can start to select the format and quality. Just move the cursor to select what you want and click on the [Download] button for saving the YouTube premium movie offline.

Enjoy Online Videos

STEP 3. Download and Enjoy the YouTube Premium Movies on Your PC
When a video page pops up, you need to click the three-point icon in the lower right corner of the video, and click on the [Download] button for restarting the download process. When the download is completed, you can watch the YouTube premium movies offline. 

Download YouTube Video

Method 2. Use Reliable VidPaw YouTube Converter on iPhone/iPad

STEP 1. Go to App Store and download the app Documents on your iPhone/iPad. Then you should open Documents to launch the built-in browser and go to VidPaw YouTube Converter inside it.

Use Document to Download Videos on iPhone

STEP 2. Go to your desired YouTube premium movie in Documents built-in browser as well. You just need to copy the link of it and paste it to the conversion bar on VidPaw YouTube Converter. Then tap on the [Convert] button.
STEP 3. After tapping on the [Convert] button, you can select the output format and quality you prefer. Then tap on [Download] button.
STEP 4. There will be a pop-up window that allows you to select an output folder in the Documents. When you select it and click [Done] button, it will start to help download the YouTube premium movie to your iOS device. 

Download Videos from YouTube

NOTE: For iOS 13 or higher users, you can directly use Safari browser to download YouTube premium movies with VidPaw YouTube Converter.

Download Video Using Safari

Method 3. Directly Download YouTube Premium Movies on Android Device

Downloading YouTube premium movies on an Android device is similar to how to download YouTube premium movies on an iPhone/iPad. Comparing to iOS devices, you even don't need to download the App - Documents. The steps are as follows:

STEP 1. Open the browser on Android and head to the page of the YouTube premium movie you want to download on YouTube platform.
STEP 2. Directly copy the URL of the YouTube premium movie in the address bar and paste the URL to the search bar on VidPaw YouTube Converter. Then Tap [Convert] button to start converting the video.
STEP 3. Then tap on the [Download] button next to your desired format. The next is just waiting for the download to be completed. The time you need to wait will depend on the length of movie you download and the speed of your network.

Paste the Link in VidPaw

Way 2. Easiest Way to Save YouTube Premium Movies by Using RecordAnyVid

VidPaw YouTube Converter is a great choice for free downloading YouTube movies in fast and simple steps. At the same time, there is another convenient way to quickly save YouTube premium movies. In fact, the second way is not to download but to record. Yes, we can use the recording software to help us record the whole YouTube premium movies for offline playback.

RecordAnyVid is specially designed for screen capture, which offers a number of useful features for easy screen recording. This program capture the activities on the screen and save them as video files. In addition to drawing with the cursor and adding notes to make teaching videos, you can also customize area recording or audio recording. You can set different resolutions, which is very useful for saving YouTube premium movies.

RecordAnyVid for Windows

Now, let's go straight to the theme. Here's how to save YouTube premium movies with RecordAnyVid.

Save YouTube Premium Movies with RecordAnyVid on Windows

STEP 1. Install RecordAnyVid on Your Computer
Install and launch RecordAnyVid on your computer. Then prepare the YouTube premium movie you want to record, In the interface, you need to select "Video Recorder" to get ready for capturing YouTube premium movies on your desktop screen.

RecordAnyVid for Windows

STEP 2. Customize the Recording Area
You can customize the recording area to record YouTube premium movies by clicking the Custom icon in the interface of "Video Recorder". You can also drag the rim of the frame to adjust the area.

STEP 3. Change Audio Settings
Before recording YouTube premium movies, you need to turn on the system audio in this program and turn off the volume of the microphone to ensure a better sound quality of the recording video. 

Video Recorder

STEP 4. Click "REC" to Start Recording.
Click the red button "REC" on the right to start recording. To finish capturing the video, you need to click the REC button again. And you'll be able to preview your recordings before saving.

Save the Recording


Download YouTube Premium Movies with RecordAnyVid On Mac

STEP 1. Download and Install RecordAnyVid
Install the Mac version of RecordAnyVid and launch it. You'll see a simple and intuitive interface. We want to record YouTube premium movie so we need to select the "Video Recorder" option.

STEP 2. Set the Recording Area
You can crop out a screen area for recording by dragging a rectangular frame or selecting "Full screen" if you do not mind capturing the entire window of YouTube premium movies. Please make sure you have already turned up the System sound and turn off the Microphone.

Customize Recording Area

STEP 3. Edit the Screen Recording
Click the red button "REC" on the right to start recording. While recording YouTube premium movie, click the pen icon to use various editing functions provided in RecordAnyVid, including drawing, annotating, and taking snapshots as you like to customize the movie by yourself.

Edit the Screen Recording

STEP 4. Save the Recording
After you finished recording your Mac screen, you can click "REC" button again to stop recording YouTube premium movies. In the preview window, check the recording and finally click "Save", then you can save the recorded YouTube premium movie on your computer.

Save Recording on Mac

According to this tutorial, you can save YouTube premium movies from YouTube, or download all kinds of movies and videos in different languages for free as you wish. Which method to choose is driven by your needs.


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