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YouTube to iPhone: How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone/iPad

April 23, 2020

Today, videos are becoming part of people’s daily life.
It seems that we need videos everywhere -

  • For education purposes in classes
  • For presentations at meetings
  • Or for entertainment in spare time 

Actually, there are lots of free video resources on YouTube, one of the world’s largest online video websites. Some of them must cater your needs and you may want to download save YouTube videos and audio to iPhone directly.

Instead of leaving lots of videos buried under the massive amount of new ones and adapt them for appropriate use or collection, GET VIDPAW FOR IPHONE NOW.

If you are searching for ways to download videos from YouTube on iPhone/iPad, this guide is certainly your destination.

Now, let's head to the guide on how to download YouTube videos directly to iPhone online.


NOTE: As a bonus, you will get the best video downloader to download 1080p YouTube videos on iPhone - VideoHunter.

Part 1. How to Download YouTube Videos By Link on iPhone/iPad

The best  online YouTube downloader iPhone to save YouTube videos to iPhone easily refers to VidPaw Online Video Downloader. It comes with these highlighted points:

  • Support downloading online videos from over 1,000 sites, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc.
  • VidPaw Online Video Downloader is compatible with almost all browsers.
  • VidPaw online downloader is totally free for use.
  • There includes no ads on VidPaw's downloading pages.
  • More free online tools are upcoming.

With VidPaw, the YouTube online videos can be easily saved not only on computer, but also on mobiles such as iPhone/iPad. All you need is just a few simple clicks and get the URL of the online video, because the main way for VidPaw to download online videos is by link.

How to Download Online Video in Safari on iOS 13

The launch of iOS 13 brought new features. For VidPaw users, a convenient one refers to that Safari supports for downloading online videos with VidPaw directly (on iOS 12 or before, users need to use VidPaw by virtue of Documents). Let's see how to use VidPaw to download online videos in Safari on iOS 13 now.
STEP 1. Launch Safari and Direct to VidPaw
Launch Safari browser with your iOS 13 device. In the new tab, turn to VidPaw official website.
STEP 2. Paste the Video Link to VidPaw
Firstly, you are required to get the URL of the online video you want to download. Then paste the URL to the search bar set in the top of VidPaw. The moment you paste it, VidPaw will analyze the URL automatically.
STEP 3. Select Output Format and Quality
As VidPaw analyzes the video successfully and generates the download options for you, you are free to select an output format as well as quality in your preference. Then click on the "Download" button.

Download Online Video Safari

STEP 4. Download Online Video in Safari
After clicking on the "Download" button, Safari will pop up a notification to ask your permission for downloading the video. Submit "Download" again, and Safari will start the download process immediately.

Download Video Using Safari

How to Download Video on iOS 12 or Below

STEP 1. Download Documents on iPhone
Firstly, download Documents in App Store. Then launch the program on iPhone, and go to inside it.


Use Document to Download Videos on iPhone

STEP 2. Copy and Paste the URL Link of YouTube
Open a video in YouTube. Then copy its link and paste onto VidPaw's search bar in top of the main interface. After that, VidPaw will begin to analyze the link.

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

STEP 3. Start Downloading YouTube to iPad and iPhone
Scroll down to select the quality for your output videos, and simply click on the "Download" button. Then you would head to a popup window to edit the title of the video and select the output folder in Documents. When selection is done, click on "Done" in the upper-right corner. Then, you can download a YouTube video.


Download Videos from YouTube


Then you just need to wait for the video to be downloaded. You can find it in the "Downloads" folder of Document. Now, enjoy the YouTube video offline!


Enjoy YouTube Videos Offline

 Small Tips on Using VidPaw

Some users may consider it troublesome to switch between two sites. Here you can try this simple trick.

STEP 1. Go to the YouTube video site you want to download in Documents.

STEP 2. Change the URL into

STEP 3. Click on enter, and you can go to VidPaw to download the video directly.

Note: This method is only available for the videos from YouTube at present.

Add Paw to Quickly Download YouTube

Part 3: FAQs About Downloading YouTube to iPhone and iPad

"How to dl YouTube to iPhone" is probably the most frequently asked questions and I'm sure you've get the idea from the previous 2 parts. By far, you may also have other questions, let's find out the answers together.

1. Is There A YouTube Downloader for iPhone and iPad?
Unfortunately, no. Since Apple is an exclusiveoperating system, apps are only allowed to be installed from its App Store.
Moreover, App Store will never ever allow any YouTube to iPhone downloader, or YouTube downloader for iPhone/iPad, or whatever to step out in its store.
Therefore, you can only download YouTube videos on iPhone with online YouTube downloader.

2. How to Download Videos on iPhone from Safari?
As the first answer to the first question says, iPhone/iPad users can only resort to online YouTube downloader.
However, if you're trying to download online videos on iPhone from Safari, you must find it unfeasible, for Safari is limited to disable directly downloading and save online videos and audios from sites like YouTube, Vimeo and so on.
Now, you should know why everybody is using Document to download YouTube videos by links.

3. Is it Possible to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone Camera Roll?
Yes, it is possible. However, not directly to Camera Roll. You have to use Document to download videos from YouTube at first and then manually move from "Downloads" to "Photos" so that you can view videos in Camera Roll ever after.

4. Is VidPaw Safe to Use?
Not only safe but also free. VidPaw Online YouTube video downloader has no access to reach users' information. Also, you don't need to log in for downloading YouTube videos. It's totally open. VidPaw also apply security database so as to ensure clean and safe use environment.

Download YouTube to iPhone

Part 4. [YouTube Tutorial] How to Use VidPaw on iPhone/iPad

Still confused about the tutorial of using VidPaw above? You can turn to the video tutorial here and you'll learn how to download a YouTube video.

Bonus Tips - How to Easily Download YouTube Videos to Mac and Windows

The online video is definitely a convenient way for people to download YouTube videos without software. But comparing to a professional video downloader, it is not outstanding enough. For example, it doesn't provide high resolutions for choosing, and the service or performance is not stable enough.
Thus, by downloading YouTube videos in high quality on Mac or Windows at first, then transfer them to iPhone for offline playback is also a good idea for those who want to enjoy the best quality playback. 
VideoHunter is the best YouTube video downloader for Mac and Windows we want to introduce. With the following features, you will know how it becomes a leading brand among so many video downloader in the market: 
* Support to download videos from 1,000+ websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vlive, Bilibili, and so forth;
* A video converter is provided to convert local video/audio to 20+ popular formats (currently on Mac);
* Offer 6X faster speed and batch download features to speed up the downloading as well as converting process;
* Ads-free interface and 100% safe environment;
* High resolution options: 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K.
Here is the guide on how to download YouTube videos offline via VideoHunter.
STEP 1. Open YouTube in the browser and go to copy the URL of the video you want to download.
STEP 2. On your computer, open VideoHunter and go to "Downloader". You should paste the URL of the YouTube video to the download bar and hit the "Analyze" button.
Paste URL to VideoHunter

STEP 3. Select an output choice you need, and hit the "Download" icon to get the YouTube video saved to your Win/Mac computer.

VideoHunter Downloader Select Formats

STEP 4. Connect your iPhone with the computer, then sync the phone with iTunes. Now just importing the downloaded YouTube videos to the iTunes Library, and you can get them on iPhone for playback offline!


I am sure you have got this awesome online video downloader now!

Share VidPaw and VideoHunter with your friends if you like them!

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