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Can I Download Online Videos from URL?

June 07, 2018

As we know, many websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and so forth, do not provide an option for users to download their online videos. To avoid the deletions from the video publishers, people would like to download online videos in advance. You may want to know that is it any reliable method to download them in advance? Can you download online videos from URL? Of course, yes. If you are curious about how to download online videos from URL, please keep reading this post and follow the step-by-step tutorial.

Part 1. Why People Want to Download Videos from URL

In most cases, people will prefer downloading online videos from URL because:

  • Most of online videos are shared with URL format. And abundant videos can be found on the Internet.
  • Easy to get the video URL.
  • Videos from many websites, for example, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are not allowed to download and no download option offered for users.
  • No space will be occupied. You don’t need to download a software or application on your device to take up space.
  • Convenient and simple to download online videos online with URL. Less operations are needed.

Part 2. How to Download Videos from URL

To download videos from URL, VidPaw video downloader might be the best choice for you. As an all-rounder URL downloader, VidPaw allows users to download videos from URL on any site without any limitation. Moreover, it supports MP4, 3GP, WEBM as the output format. Also, high quality of downloaded videos is supported by it. What’s more, with VidPaw, just a few steps are needed to download videos from URL. Next, please follow the step-by-step tutorial to make it.

1: Download Online Videos from URL with VidPaw

STEP 1. Open an online video you need on Chrome/Safari/Firefox, and get its URL.

STEP 2. Navigate to

STEP 3. Paste the video URL on the search bar. And click “Start” button.

Paste Video Link

STEP 4. On the preview page, choose your favorite video quality and output format.

STEP 5. Finally, click “Download” button.

Select Video to Save

After a while, you can get the online video on your device.

NOTE: Unlike the operations on Window/Mac/Android device, if you want to download online video from URL to iPhone/iPad, you need to download an application, for example, Documents 6, serving as a file manager to make sure the download is successful.

STEP 1. Launch Documents 6.

STEP 2. Tap on Safari-like icon on the bottom right corner to move to

STEP 3. Paste the video URL on the search bar.

STEP 4. Select the format and quality you like for the video. Next, tap on “Download” button. Then, video will be saved in Downloads folder.

Use Document Download Videos

Tips. If you want to save the downloaded video to Camera Roll on iPhone/iPad, open “Downloads” fold> tap “Edit”> select the video > tap “Move” icon> select Camera Roll as the destination.

2: Quick Trick to Download Online Videos from URL with VidPaw

STEP 1. Directly add "paw" behind "youtube" on the video URL so as to move to the download page on VidPaw.
STEP 2. Choose your preferred quality and format, and then, click "Download" button.

Add Paw Behind Youtube

NOTE: Quick trick is only available for video URL from YouTube.

Sincerely hope now you can master the method on downloading online videos from URL. If you have a better resolution, please share it with comments below.



Published on June 07, 2018

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