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DramaFever Alternatives to Watch Korean Drama Online with English Subtitle

March 18, 2019

If you are a fevered fan of Korean Drama, you must know DramaFever, a great website to watch Korean drama online. Unfortunately, due to business reasons, DramaFever has been shut down on October 16th. When you open the DramaFever website, you will be upset that there is no Korean Drama to watch anymore.

But don't worry. In this post, we've selected some DramaFever alternatives for you! You can continue to watch Korean drama online in the following websites. Among those websites for watching Korean drama online, you definitely will find the best DramaFever alternative.


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Part 1. DramaFever Alternatives - Best Websites for Watching Korean Drama Online

Without further ado, let me introduce some DramaFever alternatives which are the best websites for watching Korean Drama online. Pick up one of them to make it an ideal alternative to DramaFever.

1.  Viki

Watch Asian TV shows and movies online for FREE! Viki is a video streaming website for Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Japanese dramas, Kpop & Kdrama news, and events. You can watch as many Korean dramas here as you did in DramaFever.

  • Latest Korean dramas in HD quality
  • Subtitles in 200+ languages
  • Integration with leading social media platforms
  • After a 7-day trial, you have to get its paid subscription for $3.99 a month

2.  Hulu

Hulu is a video-on-demand service offering a huge catalog of exclusive programs, Hulu originals, and many more. Enjoy your favorite Korean dramas in Hulu make your watching experience more personalized and intuitive than ever before.

  • It has a website as well as mobile apps to let you watch your favorite Korean dramas
  • Current and past seasons from many popular Korean dramas and TV shows
  • An entire library with 50+ top Live and On Demand channels
  • Limited time offer of $5.99/month for 1 year, then $7.99/month

3.  Netflix

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services in the world with almost unlimited content to watch online, including TV dramas, movies, anime, and so on. You can search for Korean drama titles and watch Korean drama online immediately on your desktop or on an ever-expanding list of supported devices.

  • A comprehensive range of Asian, Latin, regional, and international content to watch
  • Regularly update new Korean dramas and other shows
  • Known for high-quality original content
  • Free for one month and subscription cost starts from $8.99 a month

4.  Viu

Viu brings you the best Korean drama, variety shows, and other Asian programs. Viu is currently available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and other 14 countries. You can watch Korean drama with English subtitles anytime anywhere for free.

  • The most up-to-date programs from Asia, especially Korean dramas
  • Unlimited HD video streaming
  • Membership enjoys a free video download for offline viewing
  • Price of premium service may vary by location

5.  KissAsian

KissAsian is one of the over-the-top video service providers. It gives Asian TV lovers all over the world the ability to watch Asian shows such as Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese dramas and movies.

  • English-subbed Korean dramas and variety shows from Korea
  • Supports HD videos for free
  • User-friendly interface and navigation

6.  AsianCrush 

From Chinese martial arts to Korean dramas, Japanese cult films to Thai horror movies – you get it all AsianCrush. It is the premier Asian streaming service for movies, TV shows, and web videos online. Just like its name, you will have a crush on AsianCrush.

  • Different categories for Korean dramas, Korean thrillers, Asian action movies and so on
  • Apps for iOS and Android devices with a support to Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast
  • Uninterrupted viewing with no ads
  • Free trial available and auto-renewing subscriptions for $4.99 a month

7.  DramaCool

DramaCool is a freemium service that provides an access to Asian entertainment. You can Asian dramas online in Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Thailand and Chinese with English subtitles. Go to DramaCool website and watch your favorite Korean dramas online.

  • All the popular Korean dramas and movies
  • Search for the Korean drama you wish to watch
  • Support fast streaming videos in high quality

8.  ViewAsian

ViewAsian certainly lives up to its name by having an extensive source of Asian dramas. It has the latest collection of Korean dramas, making ViewAsian it an ideal DramaFever replacement.

  • Tap tag cloud to find your favorite Korean drama in a second
  • Recommendation for most viewed drama by top day, top week and top month
  • Most of the movies are available in HD
  • Supports English subtitles

Part 2. How to Download Korean Drama Online for Free with English Subtitles

Most DramaFever alternatives websites only provide users with online Korean drama watching. Some fans who prefer watching Korean drama offline may feel sad that there is not an available download option. How can we download Korean dramas online for free with English subtitles?

VIDPAW is here to help you!

VidPaw is a free online video downloader, providing free HD video and audio downloading service for video lovers around the world. It supports users to download online videos from more than 1,000 websites, like YouTube, Facebook, etc. With it, you can freely download any Korean Drama you want with English subtitles.

More than an online video and audio downloader, VidPaw helps users download playlist and subtitles as well. You can download Korean drama subtitles and watch Korean drama with English subtitles. Better yet, VidPaw provides users with customized formats and quality.


Output Video Format WEBM, 3GP, MP4
Video Quality 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 2k, 4k, 8k
Output Audio Format M4A, WEBM
Audio Quality 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps

Now, it's time to try VidPaw out. After a few steps, you can download Korean dramas online for free with English subtitles. Just follow me and learn it step by step.

First method: Directly Download

STEP 1. Open the Korean drama video that you want to download in a Korean drama website. Copy its link.

STEP 2. Open in any browser. Paste the link of the Korean drama video to VidPaw's search bar. Click "Start".


Paste the Video Link


STEP 3. After loading, massive output formats and quality are here. It is highly recommended to download Korean drama to MP4 in 720p. Then, tap "download" to download the video to your Windows 7/8/10/XP or Mac.


Select Video to Save

Second method: VidPaw Extension

STEP 1. Add the Tampermonkey extension at first
Tampermonkey is used to provide a stable and instant performance on browsers. Thus, we need to add the Tampermonkey extension at first. Click to download and install Tampermonkey according to your browser.

Google Chrome Tampermonkey 
Mozilla Firefox Tampermonkey 
Safari Tampermonkey 
Microsoft Edge Tampermonkey


VidPaw Extension


STEP 2. Install VidPaw extension
When Tampermonkey is properly installed, click here: VidPaw Extension. Give it a click on the "Install" button and it's all done.


VidPaw Extension

STEP 3. Go back to the Korean drama video and refresh the page. When you see a paw-like icon below the video, click on it and start downloading your favorite Korean drama with English subtitles.

Now, select an ideal DramaFever alternative among what we've recommended for you previously. Then, download your favorite Korean drama video to your desktop by VidPaw. Just in a second, you can enjoy watching Korean drama with English subtitles offline!



Published on March 18, 2019

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