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[Solved] How to Download YouTube Videos Easily for Free

July 29, 2020

Can you imagine? There are 5 billion videos watched per day on YouTube according to the statistics provided by Android Authority. Also, this number is still growing. That means you are having more and more people liking, viewing, or sharing the same video as you do. However, I believe some of you are struggling to find a free way to download YouTube videos that you like. This blog would like to share a smart key to you!


Download YouTube Video

Part 1. Free Download YouTube Videos with Online YouTube Downloader

While browsing online, I know that we all want to get rid of unnecessary troubles and leave as few as footprints online. So, I am introducing an online YouTube downloader with a name of VidPaw in this blog to help you be comfortable while using online resources. This is online YouTube downloader can be used on both Android and iPhone.


VidPaw Online Video Downloader

With a simple user interface, you can download YouTube videos totally for free without signing up. Additionally, some other useful features of VidPaw online YouTube downloader are:

* Unlimited number of downloads for users
* Support downloading videos that are from many sites like Facebook and Instagram
* Provide multiple outputted formats such as MP4 and qualities such as 4K, 1080p, 720p, etc.

Pleae note that iPhone/iPad should update to iOS 13 and above so to be able to directly download YouTube videos from Safari.

Next, let's immediately introduce how to use it, which is the main focus of this part.


Step 1. Copy the URL of the YouTube Video First, please navigate to YouTube with many contents to select. Then, please search for the YouTube video that you would like to download and open its web page on YouTube. After YouTube finishes loading the video page, please copy the URL of the YouTube video from the searching bar on the top.


Copy the URL

Step 2. Paste the URL 

Next, please go to the website of VidPaw online YouTube downloader. After the website opens, you will see a downloading bar in the middle of the interface. Please paste the URL of the YouTube video to the downloading bar and click on Download. Subsequently, VidPaw online YouTube downloader will help you analyze the URL.


Online Video Downloader

Step 3. Download the YouTube Video

VidPaw online YouTube downloader will present you several download options of different outputted formats and qualities. To output the YouTube and gain the best watching experience, we recommend you choose MP4 format which is compatible with many applications and devices and 4K quality to see the moving pictures with highest definition.


The next step is to click on Download on the right side of your chosen option and save the video on your computer.


Select One Downloading Option

Part 2. Download YouTube Videos Freely in VLC Media Player

Another convenient way to download YouTube videos free is to use VLC Media Player. VLC Media Player is a multimedia player, but it also offers a hidden function of downloading YouTube videos. Let's dig into how to utilize this hidden function of VLC Media Player!


Step 1. Download and Install VLC Media Player
First, please go to the official website of VLC Media Player and choose one version from the drop-down list to download which is compatible with the operating system of your device. Then click on the version to start downloading.


Install VLC Media Player

Step 2. Copy and Paste the URL of the YouTube Video

Next, please open YouTube and find the video that you would like to download. Similar to how to copy the URL in the first part, please duplicate the URL of the YouTube video from the searching bar on the top of the web page.


Subsequently, please activate VLC Media Player from your desktop for use. When VLC Media Player is ready, please refer to File on the menu and choose Open Network. Next, a new small window will pop up. As indicated, please paste the URL of the YouTube video to the blank bar and tap Open.


Paste YouTube URL

Step 3. Save the YouTube Video

This is the moment that magic shows up. The YouTube video will pop up in a new window. Please refer to the top menu again and choose Window >> Media Information. VLC Media Player here will intelligently present you a small window about Media Information. Please move to the bottom and find Location. Then, please copy the content in the Location field.


Subsequently, please open a new tab in your browser and paste the content of the Location field and press Enter. You will see the YouTube video. Please right click on the video and choose Save Video As. After finishing finding a place to save the YouTube video, you can click on Save to start downloading the YouTube video and make it your local file.


Download the YouTube Video

Part 3. VidPaw App - Free Download YouTube Videos on Android

If your Android device has enough space, we also recommend you download and install VidPaw App to download YouTube videos free because it is more stable and more multifunctional. 


Apart from downloading videos from YouTube, you can also access all videos online with VidPaw's powerful search engine. Furthermore, you can do the followings:

* Support downloading videos not only from YouTube but also from Facebook and Instagram, etc.;

* Output videos in fast speed to Android SD card;

* Support to convert YouTube music videos to MP3 format;

* Enable Wi-Fi only mode for saving mobile data.


Still, let's experience how to use VidPaw App and let me show you how powerful it is!


Step 1. Download and Install VidPaw App

Please go to the official website of VidPaw and choose to download VidPaw App. If you fail to install VidPaw App on Android successfully, you can see this installation tutorial of VidPaw App to help.


Step 2. Search for YouTube Video

Before downloading, please directly launch VidPaw App on Android and search for the video you like from its search bar. This engine is connected with YouTube's search engine, so you could be navigated to the same results as if you were using YouTube.


VidPaw App Search T-series Videos

Step 3. Download the YouTube Video with VidPaw App

As you can notice, there will be a green download icon located beneath every YouTube video. Therefore, just by pressing this icon and VidPaw App will provide you the output options for saving the video to Android. Select the output option you need and click "Download", then the YouTube video can be easily downloaded.


Download T-series Video VidPaw App

Now you have gone through all the steps of using 3 different tools to download YouTube videos free. I think all of you have a final choice. For those who would like to save space, VidPaw online YouTube downloader will be their first choice. For those who pursue more functions, VLC Media Player and VidPaw App will be their first choice. Now, pick your choice and start enjoyment!

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