How to Install VidPaw App on Android

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Install VidPaw App on Samsung Device

Submit to download VidPaw App by clicking on the download button on VidPaw official site. When the APK is successfully downloaded to your device, a notice would pop up in the bottom of the page.
Samsung Step One
Generally, Samsung would prohibit people to install the source downloaded outside of Google Play Store. Therefore, you need to navigate to Settings > Lock screen and security > Install unknown apps first before installing VidPaw App.
Samsung Step Two
Scroll down the page to find Chrome. Then click into the app info to toggle on "Allow from this source" option. This enables users to install VidPaw APK downloaded Chrome.
Samsung Step Three
Now go to Downloads on your Android device and install VidPaw App. Launch the APK and the notice as showed below would pop up. Tick the box to submit the admission of installing apps from Chrome and tap the "INSTALL" button.
Samsung Step Four

Install VidPaw App on Other Android Devices

Click on the download button on VidPaw official site to download VidPaw App for Android. Submit "OK" when a warning shows up in the bottom of the page to keep downloading VidPaw APK.
Android Step One
Prepare to install VidPaw App on Android? You would receive the "Install blocked" notice for the first time installing source outside Google Play Store. Simply click on "Settings" to remove this restriction.
Android Step Two
After navigating to Settings, turn to Security to enable "Unknown sources" on. By turning this option on, Android will then allow you to install apps from the sources outside Play Store.
Android Step Three
Switch back to Downloads and find the downloaded VidPaw APK. Now launch it to install VidPaw App again. After installation, remember to disable Unknown sources again for protecting the device.
Android Step Four
Have you installed VidPaw App on Android device successfully? Launch VidPaw App and grasp this great entertainment tool to enrich your life now. If you have more questions or advice, contact VidPaw team through [email protected] or direct to VidPaw website for more information.



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