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3 Best Ways to Record Google Hangouts Video Calls

Zachary Nelson
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'How to record Google Hangouts on desktop?'
'Can I record video calls with Hangouts?'
Google Hangouts is a unified messaging service released by Google at the Google I / O conference in 2013, which has integrated previous products such as Google Talk, Google + messenger and Hangouts video chat services together. Hangout allows users to send messages and make video calls online directly. In addition, Google Hangouts is also connected to Google Calendar, allow people to miss important events such as a meeting. So it is a perfect application to maintain for business relationships.

Record Google Hangouts

Therefore, many businesses now would use Google Hangouts to hold an online meeting, which brings great conveniences to both employers and employees. But if the meeting is fast-pace, like a training meeting, we may not be able to catch up for taking detailed notes of it because it is less likely to notice whether everyone can catch up with the meeting. So you may want to record the whole Google Hangouts video calls down for playback once again.

Here are three effective ways you can use to record Google Hangouts video calls if you need.

Way 1. Easily Record Google Hangout Video Calls on Windows/Mac

The first program that I recommend to record Hangouts video calls is RecordAnyVid.
RecordAnyVid is an extremely professional Google Hangouts video calls recorder. Its intuitive interface will make you feel at ease for using all its functions. RecordAnyVid offers several recorders, including Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, and Webcam Recorder for free selection. Moreover, RecordAnyVid also provides drawing tools that let you mark on the Google Hangouts video calls instantly. It has all the functions that you may need to record a high quality Google Hangouts video calls on PC screen.  


Amazing Features of RecordAnyVid:

    • Support recording video in various format with high quality;
    • Support webcam to record computer screen and your face at the same time;
    • Allow users to customize the size of the recording area on your computer screen;
    • Record computer screen with audio or video-only;
    • Provide the Screenshot button to take a screenshot during the recording;
    • Enable users to set up hotkeys to activate more convenient operations;
    • Allow users to start and end recording Google Hangouts video calls video calls easily with the obvious record and stop buttons.

RecordAnyVid is the best screen recording software for recording Google Hangouts video calls. Here are the detailed steps to use RecordAnyVid. You can try it.

STEP 1. Download RecordAnyVid on Your PC
Click the button below to free download RecordAnyVid on your computer. After installing the recorder, launch the program and select "Video Recorder".

> Download on Windows <  > Download on Mac <

RecordAnyVid for Mac

STEP 2. Record Google Hangouts Video Call
Before your Google Hangouts video call starts, you can choose to select an area to record or record the full screen. And you can also adjust the system sound and microphone volume. Please turn on Microphone and Webcam option to make sure your sound and face can be recorded as well. After you have made these adjustments, click "REC" button to begin recording the video.

Change Recording Area

STEP 3. Edit Recording Google Hangouts Video Call
When recording a Google Hangouts video call, you can use the toolkit on the drawing panel, for example, you can add a arrow, texts, or highlight an area of the recording. You take a screenshot if you need. 

Start Recording with RecordAnyVid

STEP 4. Preview and Save the Google Hangouts Recording
When the Google Hangouts video call is finished recording, click on the "REC" button again to stop. Then you can preview the video and save it in certain folder for offline playback.

Recording Google Hangouts Video Calls

Way 2. Record Google Hangouts Video Calls by Using Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10

If you often need to record Google Hangouts video calls in your work, I highly recommend that you use RecordAnyVid. With its customized hotkeys and intuitive functions, you can make your work more efficient. But you are a Windows 10 user and a game lover, you may have already have a Xbox Game Bar. Making full use of it, you can also record Google Hangouts video calls! In the following, I will show you how.

Xbox Game on Windows 10

In the guide below, you'll learn how to record a Google Hangouts video call with Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10.

STEP 1. Open Google Hangouts and prepare the video call window. Then press the Windows key + G on the keyboard for launching Xbox Game Bar.
STEP 2. When you see a dialog asking if you want to open the Xbox Game Bar, click the "Yes, this is a game" option.


STEP 3. The Xbox Game Bar will appear then. Note that you need to click the microphone icon to record your voice. When Google Hangouts video call starts, click the record button on the bar, which is the circle black button on the right side of the camera icon.

Record Button

STEP 4. When Google Hangouts video call ends, click the blue Stop Recording button to save the recording. Then you can find your videos in the "Videos/Captures" folder on your computer. 

This method to record Google Hangouts video calls is really simple, especially for Xbox game lovers, who has been familiar wit it. However, it still has some limitations, for example:

1. You cannot record Windows desktop with Xbox Game Bar directly (but software interface is available).
2. Xbox Game Bar does not support Mac. 

So in the next, I will also guide you how to record Google Hangout video calls on Mac as well.

Way 3. Record Google Hangout Video Calls with QuickTime on Mac

Mac users can record Google Hangout video calls with its own build-in software— QuickTime. Originally, QuickTime Player is a media player that enables users to stream media files on Mac computer. But surprisingly, the software has an embedded screen recording function. Follow the guide below and you can try to use QuickTime to record Google Hangouts video calls for free!

QuickTime Player

STEP 1. Open QuickTime Player on your Mac, go to "File" > "New Screen Recording" to initiate the recording window.

Screen Recording Window

STEP 2. By clicking the arrow icon next to the recording button, you are available to preset the recording settings in your preferences, for example, enable the internal microphone on, or add the mouse effect in the recording.

STEP 3. After settings are made, now you can click the record icon to start recording Google Hangouts video call. When you want to stop recording, click the stop button in the top menu bar and save the Google Hangouts video call recording then.  

Stop Screen Recording

According to the system you are using now, you can select an appropriate method for recording the Google Hangouts video calls with ease. These three methods are all easy to grasp. They would help a lot in catching your video call screen with great quality!

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Bristy2020-04-16 07:57:08

Your software is good to record Hangouts on my Mac. However, it doesn't support to be used on iPhone. That's a pity.

Reviewer Img

VidPaw2020-04-24 02:39:41

Hi, if you want to record Hangouts in iPhone, you can try using iPhone default screen recorder for help.

Reviewer Img

Thomas2020-04-10 13:33:07

Hi, I just wondering whether its okay to record Google Hangouts?

Reviewer Img

VidPaw2020-04-24 02:40:33

Glad to help! RecordAnyVid Screen Recorder can help you record Google Hangouts video calls and voice calls with ease.

Reviewer Img

Selena2020-04-10 13:26:02

Cool! Thanks for your tips to record Google Hangouts!

Reviewer Img

VidPaw2020-04-24 02:40:55

Hi! Thanks so much for your support!

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