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How to Download YouTube Videos on VidPaw App for Android?

May 16, 2019

For someone who loves using an application to download YouTube videos, VidPaw App is here for you! Now, you can download and install VidPaw App on your Android devices to enjoy a brand new experience in download any online video from any site.

To download a YouTube video on VidPaw App, it is easy as using VidPaw website. For sure, better services are offered.

Besides, here is one thing you should know that VidPaw App is only available to use on Android phones/tablets. Therefore, if you are using iOS devices, you can't download VidPaw App.

VidPaw App

How to Download and Install VidPaw App for Android?

You can download VidPaw App on the official website of VidPaw (Click HERE to download VidPaw App for Android). Some of you might meet trouble on installing VidPaw App. After download the VidPaw APK but fail to find a way to install it.

Generally, this issue can be fixed by enabling the "Unknown sources" option on "Settings". Here is how to make it.
STEP 1. Open "Settings" > "Security".
STEP 2. Scroll down to find the "Unknown sources" option.
STEP 3. Enable the "Unknown sources" option.
STEP 4. Tap "OK" on the pop-up window.

Enable the Unknown Sources Option

After a few simple steps above, you can try again to install VidPaw App on your Android devices.

How to Download YouTube Videos by Using VidPaw App for Android?

Fortunately, downloading YouTube videos by using VidPaw App for Android is extremely easy. Next, I'll show you how to download YouTube videos on VidPaw App for Android.

Method 1. Copy and Paste the YouTube Video Link

VidPaw App also supports the usual method just like the web version. You can easily download a YouTube video after streaming it on YouTube app.
STEP 1. Get the YouTube video link by tapping the "Share" button.
STEP 2. Run VidPaw App on your Android device.
STEP 3. Paste the YouTube video link to the blank bar. Then, VidPaw App will automatically detect the information the YouTube video link.
STEP 4. On the download page, you can decide your output settings based on your need. MP3, MP4 is recommended for audio, video.
STEP 5. After that, simply tap "Download" to finish the download process. 

Download YouTube Videos on VidPaw App

The whole process will not cost a long time. Under an ideal network connection, the whole download process from the start to the end will not over one minute.

Method 2. Stream and Download YouTube Videos at the Same Place

Just like I mentioned above, VidPaw is a video streaming platform as well. It allows you to directly stream and download YouTube videos at one stop. With VidPaw App, you don't need to stream videos on YouTube. Just one VidPaw App can fit your need on streaming and downloading YouTube videos.

STEP 1. Search your favorite YouTube video on VidPaw App.
STEP 2. After streaming it, simply tap "Download Video" to activate the download page.
STEP 3. Then, you can begin to choose a suitable output format and quality for you downloaded video or audio.
STEP 4. Tap the "Download" button.

Download YouTube Videos on VidPaw App

This is so much about how to download YouTube videos by using VidPaw App.
All in all, VidPaw App worth downloading and installing to serve as your best YouTube Video Downloader. Of course, VidPaw App is not only a video downloader for YouTube but also your best partner to download online videos from over 1,000 sites. More highlights are waiting for you to explore.
Currently, VidPaw App is only available to use on Android devices. If you are using iPhone/iPad, don't feel sad about it. Maybe VidPaw App for iPhone/iPad will be out in the future. Who knows about the future?

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