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Get the Best Breakfast Ideas and Make Healthy Breakfast Everyday

December 25, 2019

Food is the most important thing where we get energy from everyday. Actually, among our three meals in a day, we have heard for years that breakfast is the most important one, because it can help us to start an energetic day through eating appropriate foods.


Breakfast Ideas

It seems that we often make the same foods to be our breakfast because in modern age, people have to hurry to work or school, so they would pay less attention to have breakfast appropriately. But this is not good to our health. If you have prepared well in advanced, making healthy and delicious breakfast everyday is not difficult. So in this blog, we would like to offer you some great breakfast ideas, and you can download the videos for playback to help make healthy breakfast everyday.

Part 1. Discover Your Favorite Breakfast Ideas Here

If you don't know what can be your breakfast, or having which foods for breakfast would be better, here you can get some inspiration from the videos. Some experts have done many researches in matching every healthy ingredients to form a very healthy and delicious menu for you. You can easily follow the breakfast idea generated by them to prepare and make your breakfast everyday. You can stream the videos directly.

1.9 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

2.5 QUICK HEALTHY WEEKDAY BREAKFASTS | Easy ideas + recipes!

3.EASY 5 Minute Breakfast Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Ideas


5.10 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Recipes! Toast 10 Ways

6.5 Healthy and Simple Breakfast Ideas! Sarah's Day Recipes

7.5 EASY BREAKFAST RECIPES | healthy paleo + dairy-free breakfast ideas

8.7 High Protein Breakfast For Weight Loss

Part 2. Download The Best Breakfast Ideas to Make Healthy Breakfast Everyday

By downloading these breakfast ideas to your devices, you can watch them at anytime and anywhere when you are considering what to eat in the next morning. Here we would like to introduce you the ways to download the videos from YouTube to any device like PC, iPhone and Android easily.
VidPaw is a professional online video downloader that offers free video downloading services. It is so surprising that the platform can help users to download videos from 1,000+ sites without installing software! With VidPaw, videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other video sharing sites can be downloaded within minutes and very simple clicks. Also, VidPaw doesn't need you to register an account before using the services, so you can directly go to the platform and download the videos or audios you need.


Because of VidPaw's high compatibility, people using different devices can use it without hassle, no matter it is PC, iPhone, or Android. So in the following, I will show you how to download the best breakfast ideas you need from YouTube to different devices using VidPaw.

Download Breakfast Ideas on PC

STEP 1. Go to Copy the URL of the Breakfast Idea Video
VidPaw supports many mainstream browsers, so you can go to any browser you are using on your PC. 
After launching the browser, go to YouTube and search for the breakfast ideas. Find the one that shoots your favorite, and go to the video page of the video for copying it URL.
When you get the URL, open a new window.
STEP 2. Paste the URL to VidPaw
In the new page you have opened, go to VidPaw official site. When the interface of VidPaw shows up, you can find a download bar there.
Just paste the URL of the breakfast idea video to the bar, and VidPaw will analyze the URL automatically after inserting it to the bar.

Paste Video Link to Download

STEP 3. Download the Breakfast Idea Video
Now you only need to wait for the URL to be analyzed. If VidPaw can read it successfully, it will show you the downloading options that are free for selecting. 
The you can choose the one you like, and directly click on the "Download" button to save the video on your PC. When you need to get some breakfast ideas, just play it as you want.

Breakfast Ideas Download

Download Breakfast Ideas on iPhone

STEP 1. Download Documents App from App Store
If you want to download the breakfast ideas video from YouTube to your iPhone with VidPaw, you need to use a certain browser, which is called Documents and it is an application for storing files, but it has a built-in browser. So you need to go to App Store to download the app at first.

Use Document to Download Videos on iPhone

STEP 2. Go to YouTube to Copy the Video URL
Now you can go to YouTube and find the YouTube breakfast ideas video you like for saving to iPhone for later playback, then click into the video page for copying its URL.
STEP 3. Paste the URL to VidPaw
Open a new page and go to VidPaw official site. Remember you should go there using the Documents app. 
After opening the page, directly insert the URL of the YouTube breakfast ideas video to the download bar and VidPaw will load the information of the video.
STEP 4. Download the Breakfast Ideas on iPhone
When a variety of output formats and qualities are available for choosing to download the video, please select one and hit the icon of "Download" to save it on your iPhone immediately. 
Then a window will pop up and you are able to edit the title of the video as well as select an output folder to save the video. 
Finish choosing and finally click "DONE", then the video will be downloaded.

Download Breakfast Idea on iPhone

Download Breakfast Ideas on Android

STEP 1. Go to YouTube and Copy the URL of the Breakfast Video Idea
On Android, you can use any browser you like to go to YouTube and copy the URL of the breakfast ideas video you want to get ideas from.
STEP 2. Paste the URL to VidPaw
Now open another tab in browser and navigate the page to VidPaw. 
When the site is loaded, you can directly paste the URL of the video into the download bar of VidPaw. Then wait for VidPaw to analyze the video.
STEP 3. Download the Breakfast Ideas to Android
After the downloading choices are available for choosing, you can choose one now and click on "Download" to save the video in the format as well as quality you like. Finally, you can watch the video at anytime with your Android when you need it.

Download Breakfast Idea on Android

[Trick] Changing the URL to Download Breakfast Ideas

If you want to download videos from YouTube, VidPaw avails a small trick that can help you save the videos more quickly. See how to download the breakfast ideas videos from YouTube with a easier way.
STEP 1. Go to YouTube and open the breakfast ideas video you want to save to your devices and reach back for playing in the future.
STEP 2. In the address bar, you need to edit the URL by adding "paw" behind "youtube" to change the URL into If you are using mobile phone, you need to change the "m" into "www" as well.
STEP 3. Press Enter key, and the page will be navigated VidPaw. After it finishes analyzing the URL, you can select to download the video with a format and quality you like. Just click on "Download" button to save the video immediately.

Add Paw to Quickly Download YouTube

After downloading the breakfast ideas video on devices, you can reach the videos in the evening and consider what you want to prepare for the breakfast in the next morning. Having an idea in mind can enable you to make the breakfast healthier and faster. Then even during the weekdays, you can enjoy a healthy breakfast in the early morning!

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