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[New Version] Latest RecordAnyVid V 1.1.22 Updates for Windows

Emily Grant
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RecordAnyVid has been a reliable screen recorder to help capture any screen activity on desktop. Recently, to enhance for providing better user experience, the latest RecordAnyVid V 1.1.22 (for Windows) has launched several essential and helpful features for users to enable better screen recording experience on Windows PC. Let's go through these updates to see.

Update 1. Microphone Enhancement/Noise Cancellation

This function is designed for someone who wants to get a crisp and clear audio recording and minimize background noise. You can easily access them in the Sound option of preference setting or directly click the drop-down arrow icon of the Microphone in Video/Audio Recorder.

When you turn on the Microphone Enhancement, your own voice will be raised with higher quality. Meanwhile, the environmental noise will be reduced once you have selected the Microphone Noise Cancellation at the same time.

Microphone Enhancement And Noise Cancellation

*The effects of these two features will be presented in the rest of this part.

When you are recording microphone sound without selecting the two options, the soundtrack is like the following picture:

Normal Soundtrack

If you turn on the Microphone Noise Cancellation, there will be less background noise.

Noise Cancellation

When the Microphone Enhancement is chosen, the recorded voice will be raised.

Voice Enhancement

When you turn on both of the two options, the recorded sound will be much louder and clearer.

Voice Enhancement And Noise Reduction

1. This feature is only available for the registered users;
2. The final effects of the microphone enhancement and noise cancellation would be different according to the configuration and performance of your device.
3. For the best recording effects, it would be better to use a headset microphone because the built-in microphones tend to record additional ambient noise. With a headset, the microphone can be positioned close to your mouth and should shut out additional ambient noise.


Update 2. Sound Check (System Sound & Microphone)

With the Sound Check feature, you can make sure the system or microphone sound is recorded normally in advance, which can efficiently avoids some common mistakes like failing to record the sound or recording a muffled voice.

Especially for someone who is going to record an online course or a tutorial video, it’s necessary to check the sound and make some adjustments to ensure the voice can be recorded without any problem.

Sound Check

You can get the Sound Check feature by clicking the drop-down arrow near the Sound and Microphone icons, then it will automatically navigate to the preference setting page for you to get started for the soundcheck.

Preference Setting


Update 3. Other Renewed Setting

In addition to the above two new features, the new version of RecordAnyVid also makes some changes to some preference settings.

1. Hotkeys Optimization

Hotkeys are so useful when you can’t exit the program after the recording. In this new version, you are still allowed to restore the Hotkey according to your daily usage habits. If there is a hotkey conflict, the word Occupied will appear on the right to remind you to make changes.

Restore Hotkeys

Moreover, when you start the recording, the hotkeys prompt will show up during the 3-second countdown, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting the hotkeys.

Hotkeys Prompt


2. System Sound Setting Portal

RecordAnyVid 1.1.22 provides a shortcut in the drop-down list of System Sound including Change Sound Source and Volume Mixer. If you want to make some adjustments to these two options, simply click on them to locate the setting page.

System Sound Setting


3. Warning Dialog Reset

You can now click the Reset button to reset the warning dialog that you have canceled before.

All the warning dialog will be reset at once by default, you can not choose some of them.

Reset Warning Dialog


The above are all the functions and settings updates of the of RecordAnyVid V 1.1.22, we will continue our efforts to provide you with more complete services in the future.

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