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[Tips] How to Record Facebook Videos on Windows/Mac

Zachary Nelson
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Facebook is the world's largest social media platform, with over billions of users from around the globe. There contain lots of video content on Facebook because of the short video sharing trend today. In addition, Facebook also released the Facebook Messengers Room to allow more convenient video calls feature. But what if we need to record Facebook videos for preserving offline? Today, I would like to share some helpful ways to enable you to keep Facebook videos without hassle.

Facebook Videos

Part 1. Recommendation: Best Facebook Video Recorder

The first method to keep Facebook videos in original quality is to record them. With a handful and reliable screen recorder, you can easily record Facebook videos or cuts of them for saving to playback offline. As for the reliable screen recorder, RecordAnyVid is strongly recommended.

RecordAnyVid is a lightweight screen recorder that can help to capture any screen activities on desktop, including gaming videos, live streaming, online meetings/lessons and all kinds of movies/TV shows. It contains various benefits that can help users out. Here are some of them:

    • Small interface that won't occupy much space on your screen;
    • Very simple to use functions enabling everyone to get started easily;
    • Multiple mainstream output formats available for selecting;
    • Real-time editing and preview clipping features available;
    • More preference settings provided to enable more convenient program usage experience.


RecordAnyVid has more than these sparkling features which are waiting for you to discover! Are you also impressed by this amazing screen recorder? In the following part, you will be turned to the direct guidance on how to use RecordAnyVid to record Facebook videos on desktop. 

Part 2. Fast Record Facebook Videos on Windows/Mac

RecordAnyVid is a program which is so user-friendly, especially for people who require simple operation process or those who fail to handle complicated software well. With simple fractures, RecordAnyVid can just bring the simplest way for us to record any videos on desktop. So referring to how to record Facebook videos, the detailed steps will be stated to you now.

Step 1. Install RecordAnyVid 
According to the system of your computer, select the proper version of RecordAnyVid for installing. 
Note: If you need to record a Facebook video which is longer than 3 minutes, you need to subscribe for the registered version because free trial can only record video/audio for up to 3 minutes.

Step 2. Make Settings Before Recording Facebook Video
Launch RecordAnyVid on you desktop, and click into the main feed of "Video Recorder". Here, you can set the recording area accordingly. In addition, the volume of the "System Sound" as well as "Microphone" can also be adjusted.

RecordAnyVid for Windows

By clicking on the gear icon above Microphone setting, you would be turned to the "Preferences" setting window for making more advanced settings. It is based on your personal needs.
For example, in "Output", you can customized some parameter settings such as format, codec, quality, frame rate, etc.

Preferences Output Settings

Step 3. Start Recording Facebook Video
When these settings are done, you can start playing the Facebook video and meanwhile, press the REC button in RecordAnyVid to initiate the recording right away.
During the recording, RecordAnyVid provides a drawing panel to enable you to edit and paint the recording if you need. Here are some drawing tools for you to paint on the video freely.

Start Recording with RecordAnyVid

Step 4. Save the Facebook Video Recording
As the Facebook video ends playing, you can press the stop icon and end the recording as well. Then you will be prompted to the previewing page for checking the condition of the recording. If you are satisfied with it, directly press "Save" icon and the recording will be saved to your desktop.

Save Recorded Facebook Video

Part 3. Alternative Solution to Save Facebook Videos on PC 

To record a short Facebook video with RecordAnyVid could be convenient and simple. However, for longer videos, people may not reluctant to wait for a long time to let the video to be recorded completely. In that a more time-saving method is provided to you to save a Facebook video efficiently, which is to download the video directly.
To download Facebook videos, you require a professional and reliable Facebook video downloader. Here I would like to introduce VideoHunter

VideoHunter is more than a Facebook video downloader, but an any video downloader, with the ability to download online videos from over 1,000 sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion and more. It brings sparkling features to users, which include:

    • Provide high out quality selections such as 1080p, 4K, and 8K;
    • The downloader offers general MP3, MP4, and WEBM for outputting videos. On Mac, a video converter also provides other 20+ formats to convert local files. This will add to Windows later;
    • Offer fast speed to convert and download online videos;
    • Allow to download subtitles and YouTube playlist easily;
    • Provide 320kbps to save music file in MP3 format for offline playback.


Be attracted by this brilliant Facebook video downloader? Now learn the way to use VideoHunter to download Facebook video immediately!
Step 1. Copy and Paste Facebook Video URL 
First, navigate to Facebook in your browser and search for the Facebook video you want to download. After copying its URL, please turn to VideoHunter and paste the URL of the video to VideoHunter downloader's interface.

Step 2. Convert Facebook Video 
Now, please click on the Analyze button and VideoHunter will convert the Facebook video for you. Just wait for a minute patiently.

Step 3. Select Format and Quality to Download 
When the conversion is done, VideoHunter will offer you the options for saving Facebook video. Please select a format and you preferred quality for the Facebook video. Subsequently, click on Download and the Facebook video will be downloaded directly.

Download Facebook Video

To copy a Facebook video on any device, it won't be complicated. For short videos, RecordAnyVid can be a good way for you to save it in original quality. For those longer Facebook videos, VideoHunter can be a better way for help. Therefore, select your favorable option to save your favorite Facebook videos now!

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