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Top 30 Breakup Songs 2020 You Can Download for Listening

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Music is always a great way for people to indulge in their own thinking and feelings. It creates a way for people to imagine a scene in their mind, or helps people to remind the pass clearly. People like listening to the appropriate music in different occasions. For example, when they hold a party, some cheerful and exciting music will be played; when they go on a trip, those lively songs are perfect choices; if there are sad things happened, like when you have broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, some slow and soft breakup songs are the ones that you may want to listen to.

Breakup Songs

So today, we would focus on the breakup songs, which are suitable for young people to enjoy. No matter you want to enjoy some corresponding songs for expressing your current feeling after breaking up a relationship, or just want to appreciate the lyrics and rhythms of this kind of songs, we made the playlist of the top 30 breakup songs of 2019 for you to stream as well as download. Scroll down and enjoy the songs now! 

Part 1. Full Playlist of 30 Best Breakup Songs 2020

This is the playlist in which we collect the top 30 breakup songs that got high ranks in the early 2020. Just feel free to enjoy them. You can also save a copy of this playlist by clicking on the download icon behind each song for offline playing!

  • 1
    Someone You Loved
    Lewis Capaldi
  • 2
    Love the Way You Lie
    Eminem ft. Beyoncé
  • 3
  • 4
    Cry for Me
    Camila Cabello
  • 5
    Look At Her Now
    Selena Gomaz
  • 6
    Somebody to Love
  • 7
    Too Late to Apologize
    Justin Timberlake ft. OneRepublic
  • 8
    Say Goodbye
    Chris Brown
  • 9
    Don't Call Me Up
  • 10
    Two of Us
    Louis Tomlinson
  • 11
    I Lied
    Nicki Minaj
  • 12
    No One's Gonna Ever Love U
  • 13
    Slide Away
    Miley Cyrus
  • 14
    Is It Really Me You're Missing
    Nina Nesbitt
  • 15
    Lose You
    Noah Gunderson
  • 16
    My Dream Girl Is My Ex Now
    Sam Setton
  • 17
    Never Really Over
    Katy Perry
  • 18
    SZA ft. Kendrick Lamar
  • 19
    Halfway There
  • 20
    Tyler, The Creator
  • 21
    Move On
    Mike Posner
  • 22
    Don't Hurt Like it Used To
    Grace Carter
  • 23
    Give You Up
  • 24
    Say Something
  • 25
    Nicky Romero, Olivia Hoult
  • 26
    Emily Burns
  • 27
    I Can't Make You Love Me
    Cinzia & The Eclipse
  • 28
    Sam Wickens
  • 29
    Good For You
    Peder Elias
  • 30
    Hope You're Happy
    Emerlyd, EARTHGANG

[Tip] Download Breakup Songs in MP3 More Conveniently

VideoHunter is launched with amazing features. You can easily convert and download any music to MP3 with the highest 320kbps bitrate. The downloader is completely error-free. So if you want a stable tool to easily convert the breakup songs, try VideoHunter now!

Part 2. Convert and Download All Popular Breakup Songs on PC/iPhone/Android 

For more breakup songs you want to download, in this part we would like to recommend you a powerful converter as well as downloader, VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter.

VidPaw YouTube to MP3 can help to convert the songs from YouTube to MP3 with good quality without any hassle. Only by copying and pasting the URL, you can get the converted MP3 songs within only a few easy clicks. Moreover, VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter can highly compatible with different devices, including PC, and iOS/Android smart phone as well as tablets. You can convert and download any breakup song you like from YouTube platform offline and have a enjoyable playback experience.


Now, let's move on to see the tutorials on how to download all popular breakup songs in MP3 formats on PC/iPhone/Android separately.


STEP 1. Firstly, you need to go to YouTube and find the breakup songs you want to convert and download in MP3. When you find the song you prefer to download, just copy its URL in the first place.

STEP 2. Open another window in the browser and go to VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter. You can also land on VidPaw first and navigate to YouTube to MP3 Converter in its product section. Then paste the URL of the breakup song to the conversion bar on YouTube to MP3 Converter page, select an output format, and click "CONVERT" button to convert the song to MP3.

STEP 3. Because VidPaw fails to analyze and download the music videos, so it would notice you to turn to another converter, Y2Mate converter, to convert and download the song in MP3. After re-analyzing the URL, download option will be provided to you to save the convert song offline.

Download Guitar Songs

On iOS Devices

For iOS 13+ and iOS 12- users, the ways to download breakup song with VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter will have slightly difference. Just follow the guidance according to your iOS system version.

For iOS 13 or Higher

STEP 1. On iOS 13 or higher iOS system, users can directly use Safari to download the breakup songs with VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter. So just open Safari and go to the page for preparation.
STEP 2. Now go to YouTube and copy the URL of the breakup song you want to download in MP3. Then just turn back to VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter and paste the URL to the frame bar. Don't forget to choose an output quality. Then you should hit the icon of "CONVERT" to start converting the song to MP3.
STEP 3. When you find that the conversion process is done and the download option shows up, just click on "Download" and you can save the song to your iOS device with Safari.
STEP 4. But if you get the advice to go to Y2Mate converter for analyzing again, just follow the instruction and analyze the URL again. Finally, Y2Mate analyzes the URL successfully and provides you the download choices, click "Download" and the song will be downloaded as well.

Download Breakup Song on Safari

For iOS 12 or Below

STEP 1. For users using iOS 12 or lower, another browser - Documents built-in browser, is required. So you need to go to App Store and download this program at first. Then launch the program and use it built-in browser to go to YouTube for copying the URL of the breakup song you want to download in MP3.
STEP 2. Then, open a new tab using the built-in browser in Documents for going to VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter. You should paste the URL to the frame bar. Then also select an output quality you like. Finally, hit "CONVERT" button to let VidPaw analyzes the URL.
STEP 3. Click "Download" button if VidPaw successfully converts the song to MP3. Otherwise, you need to turn to Y2Mate for converting the song again. Just follow the instruction and re-paste the URL there. As Y2Mate successfully analyzes the breakup song, you only need to click "Download" and the break up song will be saved in Documents on your iOS device.

Download Breakup Song in Documents

On Android Devices

STEP 1. Open any browser on your Android device and go to YouTube. You need to get the URL of the breakup song you would like to convert to MP3 and download at first.
STEP 2. Then, open a new tab and navigate to VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter. In the frame bar, you need to insert the URL of the breakup song you just copied, then also choose an output quality under the bar and click on the "CONVERT" button to start converting the breakup song to MP3 using VidPaw.
STEP 3. When VidPaw generates the video information and shows download option to you, just hit "Download" button and you can save the breakup song to MP3 on your Android device offline.
STEP 4. If you see a notification provided by VidPaw, which asks you to go to Y2Mate and try to convert the song to MP3 again, just follow the instruction to do so. Y2Mate can also convert the song to MP3 swiftly, when it is done, just hit "Download" to save the MP3 breakup song offline on Android.

Save Video to Android

If you have more breakup songs on YouTube platform that you want to save for offline playback, VidPaw is here to help! With its fast and high quality converting as well as downloading service, you would find that the conversion process can be pretty easy. Hope that this converter can help you greatly!

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