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How to Download YouTube 48 Hours Mystery Full Episode with Ease

December 19, 2018

Having received over 20 American television awards in the past 31 years, 48 Hours Mystery now is regarded as one of the most excellent and famous programs in television industry. Since YouTube has uploaded a large number of 48 Hours Mystery videos here, many 48 Hours addicts have been attracted to view full episode on YouTube.

However, as there is no direct download service provided on YouTube, most people find it quite troublesome that they can't stream their favourite 48 Hours Mystery video at anywhere and anytime.

To deal with this, thankfully, VidPaw is here. Keep reading and we will show you what a powerful and important role VidPaw plays in the process of downloading the YouTube 48 Hours Mystery full episodes to your PC.

Part 1. What Is 48 Hours Mystery?

As an American documentary having been broadcast on CBS since January 19, 1988, 48 Hours today is still well-received among many video lovers. When it comes to 10 p.m. accurately on each Saturday, a new episode of the 48 Hours will be aired on CBS.

After Lesley Stahl has replaced Dan Rather to took over the hosting duties in 2002, 48 Hours has also been renamed as 48 Hours Investigates, and then its title was changed again into 48 Hours Mystery in 2004. Each episode of the 48 Hours Mystery just has one topic, and it invites a reporter who is assigned to the story to narrate the whole documentary that primarily deals with real-life mysteries and crime stories.

48 Hours Mystery

Thanks to YouTube, we can now easily stream the full episodes of 48 Hours Mystery online, which means we will no longer worry about missing any of them. However, it’s still a pity that YouTube doesn’t allow us to download YouTube 48 Hours video directly, and that's why we made VidPaw here.

Part 2. Download YouTube 48 Hours Mystery Full Episode with Online Downloader

VidPaw is exactly a powerful and reliable YouTube 48 Hours Mystery videos online downloader for you. With its well-designed and clearly-outlined interface, VidPaw can either gives a great user experience or offers a friendly and refined web service for users. Besides, as VidPaw not only speaks 8 languages but also supports various output formats and qualities, all 48 Hours addicts can easily download their favorite 48 Hours videos with their desired output format and quality via VidPaw.


What's more, with VidPaw at hand, you don't need to install any software. Therefore, the YouTube 48 hours Mystery videos downloading process is quite simple for everyone. Now just read the guide below to know how to achieve that.

STEP 1. Search for 48 Hours Mystery Video on YouTube
First of all, open the browser you like on PC, then direct to YouTube to search for the 48 Hours Mystery video you want to download. And finish this step by clicking on the address bar to copy the link of the 48 Hours Mystery video.

STEP 2. Paste the Link of the YouTube 48 Hours Mystery Video on VidPaw
Now open another tab to head to VidPaw official website, then paste the link you have copied to the frame box and hit on the "Start". Then, the information of your favorite YouTube 48 Hours Mystery video will show up. After that, you can scroll down to choose from various downloading selections for the video as you like.

Paste Video Link to Download

STEP 3. Download the YouTube 48 Hours Mystery Video on Your PC
Once you have finished the steps above, now you can hit on the "Download" button to download your favourite YouTube 48 Hours Mystery video. Within seconds, the video will be finished downloading and you can view it at anywhere and anytime you want offline.

Part 3. Save YouTube 48 Hours Mystery with 2 Simple Ways

Way One - Download YouTube 48 Hours Mystery to PC with VidPaw Extension

STEP 1. To ensure that the VidPaw extension will have a more stable and smooth performance, we sincerely introduce you to install the Tampermonkey extension on your browser ahead of all. Please remember that you should download the Tampermonkey extension based on the browser you are using now, and simply click here to install the appropriate one.

NOTE: At present, VidPaw Extension can only be used on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Download Tampermonkey First

STEP 2. After completing the Tampermonkey extension installment, now you should hit on "VidPaw Extension page" to download the VidPaw extension as well by following the instruction.

Install VidPaw Extension

STEP 3. Once the installment of the VidPaw extension is finished, please head to YouTube and open the 48 Hours Mystery video that you want to download. Scroll down, and as you can see, there is an icon set below the video. All you need to do is to click on this icon to direct to VidPaw download page, where you can choose your favorite output format and quality for the 48 Hours Mystery video and simply start downloading it.

Download 48 Hours Mystery Video by Simply Clicking the Icon of VidPaw

Way Two - Download YouTube 48 Hours Mystery to PC by Alternating URL

If you find the above ways are troublesome, this simple trick is totally set for you.

STEP 1. Open YouTube on your browser to search for your favorite 48 Hours Mystery video.
STEP 2. Play the video, and edit its url on the address bar - add "paw" after "youtube", like the following image shows:

Add Paw to Quickly Download YouTube

STEP 3. Once you have followed the steps I have mentioned above, you are almost here. Just press the "Enter" key right now to download the 48 Hours Mystery video with your desired output format and quality via VidPaw.

By keeping up-to-date, 48 Hours Mystery today still attracts many video lovers to stream its full episodes at anytime and anywhere. Also, in order to help users download YouTube 48 Hours Mystery video to PC with ease, we highly recommend VidPaw, a powerful YouTube downloader here, and also offer this comprehensive tutorial for you. If you like VidPaw, share VidPaw with your friends!

Published on December 19, 2018

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