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[Full Guide] How to Use Zoom Meeting on Computers and Mobile Phones

April 13, 2020

When people can't work face to face, the efficiency will be lower, thus resulting in the lower productivity as well. Therefore, many companies are figuring out a way to improve the remote communication even people have to work from home during the quarantine time because of COVID-19. Recently, one program becomes an essential tool for companies, which is Zoom.


Zoom Online Meeting

Zoom is developed by an American company, which is mainly used for holding remote conferences online, in order to keep people tight even though they are separated in different places. With advanced technology, Zoom can provide really smooth conferencing service which is consisted of video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.
If you are a new user to Zoom and is considering to use it for maintaining your business, go through this guide and learn how to use Zoom meeting on both computers and mobile phones!

Part 1. Get Started with Zoom

To get started using the Zoom meeting, you can prepare a Google account or a Facebook account. It suggests you log in before using all its functions. Then please also install Zoom properly on your device. 
When you launch Zoom on your computer or mobile, you have two choices - to join a meeting immediately, or sign in with your account at first. If you select to sign in first, you are required to login with your Google or Facebook account. In addition, you can also choose to login with SSO. So just follow it and login Zoom for entering its main interface. Then you are ready to use all its functions!

Sign in Zoom

Part 2. How to Join a Zoom Meeting

After getting start with using Zoom, now let's follow these guide to learn how to join a Zoom meeting when your boss plan for one. You can use both computer and mobile phone to join a Zoom meeting in your preference.
At first, we should now what prerequisites we need to join a Zoom meeting:
Firstly, you need the unique 9, 10, or 11-digit number, which is a Zoom meeting ID.
In addition, if you are using mobile to join Zoom meeting, you will also need a teleconferencing number provided in the invite.

Join a Zoom Meeting on Windows/Mac

STEP 1. Launch Zoom on your Windows/Mac. You can firstly sign in with SSO or your Google and Facebook account. Then click "Join". If you want to join a meeting without signing in, directly select "Join a Meeting" on the interface.
STEP 2. Now Zoom will need you to enter the meeting ID you have for joining the meeting room. You can edit your display name that will appear during the meeting.

Join A Meeting Win/Mac

STEP 3. Select whether to connect to audio, or turn on your own video as you need. After making all these settings, click "Join" and you can join the meeting on computer.

Join a Zoom Meeting on iPhone/Android Phones

STEP 1. Download the right version of Zoom application on your iPhone or Android phone.
STEP 2. When it is installed, launch the app. On Zoom interface, choose to join in a meeting directly, so sign up / sign in via an account.
STEP 3. If you are not going to sign up an account and want to join Zoom meeting directly, just hit the "Join a Meeting" button. Or you can choose to sign in with your account, then, click the "Join" icon.
STEP 4. Zoom will ask you to enter the meeting ID and also edit the name you would like to display. When you have entered these blanks, click "Join" and you can enter the online meeting room.

Join A Meeting in Zoom Mobile

Part 3. How to Host a Meeting on Zoom App

In addition to join a Zoom meeting, what if you are a host who is responsible for holding this meeting? How should you apply for a Zoom meeting ID? Here are the steps you need to follow to host a Zoom meeting.

Host a Zoom Meeting on Windows/Mac

STEP 1. To host a Zoom meeting, you need to sign in with SSO, Google or Facebook account. If you don't have one, sign up for one in advance.
STEP 2. After signing in Zoom, find "New Meeting" and click its down arrow to select "Start with video".

Host A Zoom Meeting on Computer

STEP 3. Then you should click "New Meeting", and select "Join With Computer Audio" to start the Zoom meeting. 

Host a Zoom Meeting on iPhone/Android Phones 

STEP 1. Download Zoom to your iPhone/Android from App Store or Google Play Store, then launch it.
STEP 2. Sign in with your account in order to host a Zoom meeting. If you haven't gotten an account, you are required to sign up for one before hosting a meeting.
STEP 3. Hit the "New Meeting" icon and then you are allowed to toggle "Video On" or "Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI). When your selection is done, click on "Start a Meeting".

Start A Zoom Meeting on Mobile

Part 4. More Tips on How to Use Zoom App

In addition to how to start using Zoom, how to join a Zoom meeting, how to host a Zoom meeting, you can learn more tips to use Zoom for making your online working more efficiently. For example, how to schedule a Zoom meeting, and how to change the background of your Zoom meeting. Here I will guide you to do it.

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting

STEP 1. Open the Zoom application on your device, and sign in with your account.
STEP 2. Go to "Schedule", and in the settings, enter the information as well as set the options according to your need.
STEP 3. Finally, click "Schedule" to submit all the settings. Then the Zoom meeting is scheduled successfully.

Schedule A Zoom Meeting

How to Change Your Background on Zoom Meeting

STEP 1. Open Zoom on your Mac or Windows. Then, also sign in with your account. 
STEP 2. Go to setting menu by clicking the profile image, then select "Settings".
STEP 3. In the left column, click "Virtual Background" and choose one you like from those provided by Zoom. You can also upload your own image for using as the background as well. Then a customized background can be easily set.

Set Zoom Background

How to Record a Zoom Meeting

For some people might want to save the video conference, you can directly use its built-in screen recorder to capture the whole meeting. But you should know that if you are not the host, you will not  be allowed to record without a permission.If you want to record a Zoom meeting with no permission, you can use a third-party screen recorder instead, for example, RecordAnyVid screen recorder for Windows and Mac computers.

This full guide provides you the tutorials on how to use Zoom's main features. Many companies now start online working with the help of Zoom, and is able to improve their efficiency quickly. Follow the trend and try Zoom now! 

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