How to Download YouTube The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

The Greatest Showman is probably the most colorful and fantastic song-and-dance movie of 2018. It is not a perfect movie, but that doesn't stop the audience from loving it. The soundtrack of The Greatest Showman brought the beautiful rhythm to the whole movie. It may be rough and flashy, just like Barnum's "sensational" circus performance, but it brings real laughter and satisfaction to the audience. The Greatest Showman can also be regarded as a super long gorgeous MV.

Part 1. Introduction of the Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is based on a true story. Hugh Jackman, a Hollywood all-around star, plays "the originator of the circus" and the legendary figure P. T. Barnum. The movie tells the story about Barnum, who is at the bottom of the society, relys on his infinite imagination and perseverance, from running museums to creating the world's first circus.


From the perspective of audiovisual enjoyment, all kinds of fantastic people and various hot songs and dances in the movie are really dazzling and exciting. Hollywood is really very professional in designing musical films by narrating stories and highlighting themes with affectionate songs; combining singing and dancing with acrobatics to enhance visual wonders; adding wine cup transmission and bar solo dance to the songs and dances to expand the performance space. All these enrich the languages of the film, enhance the sense of rhythm, and allow the audiences to shuttle freely between fantasy and reality.

The Greatest Showman

Especially, the theme song of "A Million Dreams" includes a sentence - "The world will become what I imagine one day, as long as I have a dream, it will come true, there are thousands of possibilities for our future". The melody of it is beautiful and with great popularity. Also, the lyrics are very inspirational. The Swedish Nightingale also sings "Never Enough" loudly and sonorously, which momentum has shocked the audience.

Never Enough

"This Is Me", which won the Golden Globe Award and Oscar's nomination, is also particularly powerful and inspiring soundtrack of The Greatest Showman. Especially when a group of "freaks", including big bearded fat women, conjoined couples, giants, dwarfs, tattooed men, gather together and sing, "This is me, born extraordinary, nothing I am not worthy of!", it really brings a warm feeling to the audience - each life is different, and is a unique existence, we all should stand bravely in the sunshine and be respected by others!

This Is Me

Free Enjoy and Download The Greatest Showman Soundtracks

1. "The Greatest Show" – Hugh Jackman (Barnum) & Ensemble

2. "A Million Dreams" – Ziv Zaifman 

3. "A Million Dreams (Reprise)" - Austyn Johnson, Cameron Seely, Jackman

4. "Come Alive" – Jackman, Keala Settle, Daniel Everidge, Zendaya

5. "The Other Side" – Jackman (Barnum) & Zac Efron (Phillip)

6. "Never Enough" – Loren Allred (Lind)

7. "This Is Me" – Settle (Lettie) & Ensemble

8. "Rewrite the Stars" – Efron (Phillip) & Zendaya (Anne)

9. "Tightrope" – Williams (Charity)

10. "Never Enough (Reprise)" – Allred (Lind)

11. "From Now On" – Jackman (Barnum) & Ensemble

12. "This Is Me" – Settle (Lettie) & Ensemble (Dave Aude Remix)

How to Download YouTube The Greatest Showman Videos?

YouTube has official The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Although there is no direct download way on YouTube, a great YouTube audio downloader, VidPaw, can help you download the whole playlist of The Greatest Showman soundtrack for free. Internet has made it easy to get just about any song you want for free.

There are dozens of YouTube audio downloaders, but not all of them are trustworthy. At the moment, VidPaw stands out because it can provide users with the safest, most reliable and convenient download service. The following are the amazing features of VidPaw:

Some Amazing Features about VidPaw:
☆Supports videos from 1000+ video/audio websites
☆Fully compatible with the latest web browsers
☆No registration necessary and is completely free
☆Clean interface and without advertisement

Here are the detailed steps to download The Greatest Showman soundtrack on YouTube with VidPaw. This method can all be done in the browser without downloading any special application. It also means that VidPaw work on Windows, Mac or even a Chromebook.

STEP 1. Find the YouTube URL
Go to YouTube website and search The Greatest Showman soundtrack you want to download. Then highlight and copy the URL from your browser's address bar.
STEP 2. Go to VidPaw
In VidPaw's homepage, paste the link into the box frame. Then click on "Start" button to load the download information of The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

Paste Video Link to Download

Warm Tips: You can download the entire Playlist of The Greatest Showman soundtrack from YouTube.

STEP 3. Select the Quality and Wait For the download
Once you've loaded The Greatest Showman soundtrack, you need to select the quality of the soundtrack you want and when it is ready, click the "Download" button.
It can take a minute or two if you're downloading the whole playlist.

Select Video To Save

Part 4. Download YouTube The Greatest Showman Soundtrack to iPhone/Android with Ease

STEP 1. Move to The Greatest Showman soundtrack page you want to download on YouTube (iPhone/iPad users should enter the site in Documents application).
STEP 2. Change the URL into
STEP 3. Press Enter, and you can go to VidPaw to download the video directly. Select the format and quality that you want. Hit on the button "Download"

Add Paw to Quickly Download YouTube

NOTE: This method is only available for downloading audios/videos from YouTube at present.

Hugh Jackman is smiling, singing, dancing and enterprising in The Greatest Showman. It is undeniable that its singing and dancing part is very excellent, gorgeous and passionate. The film was brightened up by the excellent singing and dancing performances of several actors. The most important thing is that The Greatest Showman soundtrack made this movie so spectacular. So do not hesitate anymore, download YouTube The Greatest Showman soundtrack with VidPaw!

Published on December 22, 2018

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