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Twitter Trick 2019: Simple Ways to Share Someone Else's Videos Without Retweeting

June 13, 2019

Besides Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is also the world's leading social media platform that allows people from around the world to connect with each others, and share the media contents with tags online, such as photos, videos, articles, and so on. Like Facebook, Twitter users can share others posts by retweeting it, for more people to see the posts you are interested in.

Twitter Social Media

Although lots videos are shared on Twitter, the platform hasn't offered the download option for people to collect the videos they like. Also, we can only share others' videos through retweeting the original post, which would be troublesome sometimes. Therefore, today, a trick to enable you to share someone else's videos without retweeting on Twitter, will be introduced. Read the post now and follow the steps.

Part 1. How to Share Other's Videos Without Retweeting on iPhone/Android

Don't consider that to share other's videos without retweeting is complicated. Actually, you can do that with only a few clicks. On mobile like iPhone and Android, you can simply follow the steps I tell you below to retweet the videos without retweeting, but creating a new post. Now let's start.
STEP 1. Go to the Video on Twitter
Open Twitter app on your iPhone/Android, and search for the video you want to share without retweeting. 

Find Twitter Video

STEP 2. Tweet Video
Reach the Twitter video you want to share without retweeting and long press the video image. When a window comes into your sight, select "Tweet Video" option in the bottom of the pop-up window.

Retweet Twitter Vide

STEP 3. Add Text and Tweet Video
Then Twitter would navigate you to the editing box with the video link generated there. You now can add the text, emoji, or image you want to the tweet. When you are done, click on "Tweet" to share the video.

Share Video Without Retweeting

Is it easy? In this way, you can share other's video even without retweeting the original post. It is just so easy to do it on your iPhone/Android.

Part 2. Share Other's Videos Without Retweeting on PC with Ease

Not only on iPhone and Android, you can also share other's videos without retweeting on PC as well, and the operating steps is also simple to get.
STEP 1. Go to the Twitter Video
Open Twitter web page on your browser directly. When you get in, directly find the Twitter video shared by others but you want to share without retweeting.
STEP 2. Get the Video Link
When you find the tweet which contains the video you want to share, click on the icon on the top right corner of the post, and choose "Embed Tweet" from various options.

Select Embed Tweet

STEP 3. Copy the Video Code
In the pop up window, Twitter would give you a code directly. You just need to copy the code of the embedded video in other's post.

Copy Video Code

STEP 4. Share Video in New Tweet
After copying the URL of the video, click on the "Tweet" icon on the top right corner of Twitter, and paste the code to the box. Then you can add text and other elements to your tweet. When finish, share the video directly!

Share Video Without Retweeting on PC

This is the way on how to share other's videos without retweeting on Twitter on your PC. But one shortcoming of this method is that the video code can always be long, so it's easy to exceed the maximum length that Twitter regulates. But don't worry, a much efficient method will be introduced below.


Part 3. Download Twitter Videos to Share Without Hassle

If you find that simply sharing the video link is not attractive and good-looking on your profile, here you can get the ultimate solution on sharing Twitter videos without retweeting with a much easier way - download the Twitter video at first, then upload it to Twitter for sharing again. But the problem of this method is that Twitter doesn't provide a download option, how can we do that?
Don't worry! That's why VidPaw is here! VidPaw online video downloader is a powerful video downloading service provider, which allows people to download online videos from multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth. Nowadays, VidPaw has supported up to 26 languages for people from worldwide to use more conveniently. And it is completely safe for using.


By downloading Twitter videos with VidPaw, only the steps below you are required to follow. It is very simple to do it. Now let's start.
STEP 1. Copy the Twitter Video's URL
As you do on the guide above, directly go to Twitter and find the Twitter video you want to share without retweeting. Then click it a right click to choose "Copy Video Address".

Copy Twitter Video

STEP 2. Paste Twitter Video URL to VidPaw
Then open a new tab and go to VidPaw. On the home page of VidPaw, directly paste the Twitter video's URL to the frame bar. The moment you paste it, VidPaw will analyze the link automatically.
STEP 3. Select to Download Twitter Video
When VidPaw shows you the output formats and quality after analyzing the URL, you are free to choose one to save the Twitter video and download it right now. It is recommended to select MP4 in 720p. Finally, click the "Download" and you can save the Twitter video to your PC.
STEP 4. Share Video on Twitter
Now go back to Twitter, and you can choose to upload the downloaded video in your new tweet. When you finish editing the text, post the video to share with your friends!
It's not difficult at all to share other's videos without retweeting. You can simply follow the method in part 1 and part 2 to share the video link on mobile and PC. If you want to make your tweet more decent, just use VidPaw to download Twitter videos and share them with new tweets. Share this guide with your friends who need it.

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However, it can be difficult to download videos on the go. That's why we've created this guide to help you download online videos on Android. basketbros

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However, it can be difficult to download videos on the go. That's why we've created this guide to help you download online videos on Android.

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