[iOS 13 Tips] How to Enable Dark Mode for Your iPhone with iOS 13

When it comes to the new features of iOS 13, which one comes into your mind first?
iOS 13 has been updated in many aspects this year, among these new features, the Dark Mode is the most eye-catching and long-awaited one. Bright white background is replaced by deep black. The new look is described as a fashionable and cool UI design paradigm.

Dark Mode IOS 13

Dark Mode has many benefits, mainly "power saving" and "eye protecting". Compared with "Light Mode", the screen brightness of "Dark Mode" is lower, which can make users experience the product more friendly in low-light environments. Also, Dark Mode keeps the screen less bright so you won't disturb people around you when all of you are staying in a dark environment such as cinema. 
At the same time, it can also relieve eye fatigue to the greatest extent. Taking advantage of the fact that OLED doesn't emit light in black pixels, such as the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro, the Dark Mode can also do better for saving device power.
When you update your system to iOS 13, you have two ways to turn on Dark Mode. If you are the first time using iOS 13, follow the blog and take a look at the steps to enable Dark Mode on your iOS 13 device.

Part 1. How to Turn on Dark Mode on iOS 13

First, let's check whether the software version of your iPhone is iOS 13 in the Settings. If not, please update it first. If yes, let's continue. The way to turn on Dark Mode manually is very simple but there are two different buttons. Let's start with the first access.

Way 1. Control Center -- Brightness 

Pull out the Control Center directly and long press the Brightness adjustment button to quickly turn on or off the Dark Mode.

Brightness In Control Center

NOTE: the Control Center of full-screen iPhone needs to be pulled down from the battery icon, that is at the top right side, while the non-full-screen iPhone can be pulled up from the bottom of the screen.

While the above method is as simple as it can be, the second method can make it faster for us to manually turn on the Dark Mode in the future.

Way 2. Control Center -- Add Dark Mode

STEP 1. Open Control Center in Settings, and move to Customize Controls.


Customize Controls

STEP 2. Find the Dark Mode icon in MORE CONTROLS and tap the green plus icon to add it. Then You can see that Dark Mode icon absolutely shows up in the Control Center.

Add Dark Mode Icon

Now when you get into a dark room or theater, tap the new button in Control Center to quickly turn Dark Mode on and off conveniently. After Dark Mode is turned on, the color of the Settings interface, browser background, etc. will turn to a deep black color. However, whether the third-party app supports Dark Mode or not requires app update and adaptation.
The above are two convenient ways on how to manually turn on Dark Mode in the Control Center. Of course, automatic timing is also available for helping you to turn on Dark Mode automatically. Let's have a look.

Part 2. Schedule Dark Mode on the Time of Day 

By setting automatic timing to schedule Dark Mode on iOS 13 devices enables users to turn on the mode so you don't need any extra step to do it. In the following I will show you how to do it.
STEP 1. Go to "Settings" >> "Display & Brightness" to turn on Automatic.

Display & Brightness

STEP 2. Tap Options, and you can choose when you want to turn on the Dark Mode, for example, you can select to use Dark Mode during night by ticking Sunset to Sunrise option; or you can customize the schedule you want manually.

Schedule Dark Mode

NOTE: Due to the sunset time of different time zones can be different, the sunset time is determined according to the one showed in Weather.

After setting up the automatic Dark Mode, your iPhone will switch to Dark Mode during the time you set.

One Last Tip:

The Wallpapers setting of the new iOS 13 system has also been upgraded to suit the Dark Mode. 
Compared to four new wallpapers of the iOS 13, users might prefer to use their own photos as wallpaper. You can turn on the option of "Dark Appearance Dims Wallpaper" in the Wallpaper Settings, and the wallpaper optimized for Dark Mode automatically change as you switch between light and dark.

Dark Appearance Dims Wallpaper

The above is about all the ways to enable Dark Mode for your iPhone with iOS 13 and related settings to enable a better usage experience. As for the benefits of the Dark Mode, it's better to experience it yourself. In the new iOS 13 system, "Dark Mode" is definitely one of the major updates this year.


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