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Top 3 Chrome Extension to Download YouTube Videos

September 24, 2018

Chrome extensions remove the frequent switches between different functional software, leaving Google Chrome the most well-rounded browser for your convenience. Anyway, today we're to unfold a new ride for it, i.e. to download YouTube videos with Chrome extension. Specifically, we prepare three alternative ways for it.

Part 1. Top 3 Chrome Extension to Download YouTube Videos

You can never guess the arrival of next surprise but anyway you don't want it to go as a passing fancy. That's what we’re working here, to kill any afterward regrets for missing a possible educational chance, flashes of fun or something else that you've run across on YouTube in hope of a second hook-up. In this sense, you're to see three Chrome extensions including VidPaw, FastestTube and YouTube Video Downloader to download YouTube video quickly and safely.

1. VidPaw

The first Chrome extension on the list is VidPaw. Normally, it is a website YouTube video downloader but the extension for Google Chrome is accessible now. We put it here for several points.

First, it is totally FREE, AVAILABLE & SAFE. No need for any charges or registrations, and the least risk to link misleadings as the VidPaw working team has intercepted and cleared way all the vicious info.

YouTube Icon

Often times, the discussion over the YouTube video downloader falls on the QUALITY & FORMAT. For VidPaw's part, it's general to offer all of you here with adequate choices. WEBM, 3GP and MP4 are the common video formats with the quality covering 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p and even 2K, 4K and 8K.

Another highlight of the VidPaw to download YuTube video comes to the EXTEREME SIMPLICITY of handling process based on the Chrome extension platform. In short, a one-step download process is preferred every time you click/tap the installed VidPaw extension for favorite YouTube video. The details of downloading YouTube video with Chrome extension, VidPaw, are listed as below.

STEP 1. Make sure your Google Chrome has installed the Google Chrome Tampermonkey.

STEP 2. Next, click here to get the VidPaw Extension on Google Chrome. Once installed well, refresh the page.

Install VidPaw Extension

STEP 3. Then jump to YouTube and open the vide page. Below the video playback screen, there is a paw-like icon. Click it and you will be directed to the download page on VidPaw.

STEP 4. Here we click the "Start" button behind the search bar filed with the URL link.

STEP 5. Then scroll down the page. Go to the area for video quality and format and select as you like. Click "DOWNLOAD" to ensure your choice.

VidPaw Download YouTube

The VidPaw extension makes it closer to download YouTube video on Chrome, with the least effort, cost and loss. Try it on your own, and collect a bunch of amazing YouTube videos at hand.

FastestTube is equal to the job as well. With it installed well, you are available to download YouTube videos with Chrome extension. It is observed that a Download button from FastestTube stands near to the playing video. You will be provided to download YouTube video in MP4 varying from 360P, 480P, 720P & 1080P with the Chrome extension. Tick the useful tricks like "Disable the ads" for a refreshing watching.


The problem is the rare chance for video catchers to find those niche video downloaders on Chrome's Web Store unless they are expected to bring the both sides to the table. Anyway, It's true of FastestTube. To prepare the extension on Chrome is a little tedious. First, please click here and download its compressed .zip file. Next, follow the process below.

1. Extract the compressed Zip in File Explorer and open the Install.bat with clicks.
2. Necessary to use the Chrome to open the Extensions page, and drag the fastesttube_2.4.0.18 file in the folder onto the page.
3. In the popup choices, click the Add button.
4. At last, click FastestTube's Enabled check box.

As its name frankly tells, this tiny extension is dedicated to downloading YouTube videos on browser including Google Chrome.

Likewise, play the embeded YouTube video and normally a green download button occurs next to the subscribe button on YouTube's interface. Yet the Chrome extension fits the new YouTube not so well, the download button being not fixed and possible in any corner.

Then you can choose to download YouTube via the Chrome extension to MP4, FLV, 3GP, M4A, WEBM with qualities varies. Plus, the security assurance would not allow for any skips to a third party link.

YouTube Video Downloader

The dilemma for the YouTube Video Downloader is the same with FasstestTube. They are in short of direct access to the extension version. When you enter the official website, please follow:

1. Click "Download For Chrome", download and extract the zip file.
2. Subsequently go to the menu area of Chrome, and follow "More Tools" > "Extensions" to open Chrome Extension page.
3. Check the "Developer Mode" at the top of the page, and select "Load unpacked extension…".
4. In the pop-up filer explorer, find the targeted Video Downloader Folder, and click "OK".

Honestly, it is quite endearing to download YouTube videos with Chrome extensions above. Click the extension icon and the download task runs. A slight difference is indeed seen in the easy access to the VidPaw Chrome extension. One-step installation truly saves you much work in downloading YouTube videos via Chrome extension, VidPaw. There are two more ways for download on VidPaw website and check it as you like.

Part 2. Other 2 Approaches to Use VidPaw

Click here to enter the VidPaw website.

1. URL Copy & Paste

Commonly, you can work through URL copy and paste to download YouTube videos on your Chrome browser. Please follow:

STEP 1. Open YouTube website, and copy the URL link in the address bar.
STEP 2. switch to the VidPaw website to paste the URL link in the search bar, then click "Start".
STEP 3. Scroll down the page and select video quality and format.
STEP 4. Finally, click "DOWNLOAD".

2. URL Change

You shall like the simplest to visit VidPaw for YouTube video download. Simply change the original video URL link "" into "", and you will be directed to the download page. Then repeat the download operation above.

As you can see, VidPaw can really be a convenient but professional tool to help you download online videos from YouTube. With VidPaw, you can freely enjoy YouTube videos offline no matter where you are. Grasp this amazing online video downloader now!

Published on September 24, 2018

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