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The Best WorldStarHipHop Video Downloader to Convert Videos from WorldStarHipHop to MP4 Online

December 05, 2018

WorldStarHipHop is a video site for everything entertainment and hip-hop. It is founded in 2005, and now the visitors of WorldStarHipHop can reach 528,726 in one day.

On WorldStarHipHop, you can discover many funny and enjoyable videos for entertainment. Although some people against this site because it provides some videos of fights, WorldStarHipHop is still popular.

However, WorldStarHipHop only allows online streaming. This is a pity for those who want to download WorldStarHipHop video to MP4 for playing offline on any device. But luckily, this post is here to help. Keep on reading and you can know how to convert videos from WorldStarHipHop to MP4 online.


WorldStar Hip Hop

Part 1. What is the Best WorldStarHipHop Video Downloader - VidPaw?

The best WorldStarHipHop video downloader, I will recommend VidPaw. VidPaw is a free online video & audio downloader, which can offer very good download service for WorldStarHipHop users. VidPaw has some highlighted features, you can have a good at below.
Features of VidPaw
① VidPaw can download online video from 1000+ sites (view the full list here)
② VidPaw can be used on all browsers
③ VidPaw is completely free to use
④ VidPaw has no virus nor malware
⑤ VidPaw has no pop-up ads




VidPaw is loved by a large group of users who want to download online videos for offline watching around the world not only for its convenience but also its powerful download function. VidPaw also provides users with high output quality and various output format, including MP4 and 3GP. Therefore, it will be a good choice for you to download WorldStarHipHop video to MP4 with VidPaw. Now, let's move on to see how to use VidPaw to convert WorldStarHipHop video to MP4 online.

Part 2. How to Download WorldStarHipHop Videos to MP4?

VidPaw provides 3 ways for users to download WorldStarHipHop videos to MP4. Now let's look at it.

Way 1. Download WorldStarHipHop Videos to MP4 with URL

STEP 1. Copy WorldStarHipHop Video URL
Open the WorldStarHipHop video on your browser. Then move your cursor to the address bar and right click the URL to copy it.
STEP 2. Paste URL to VidPaw
When you get the URL of the WorldStarHipHop video, open a new page and go to VidPaw. On VidPaw's home page, paste the URL you have copied just now to the blank frame. Then click "Start".


Paste the Video Link


STEP 3. Download WorldStarHipHop Video to MP4
After clicking on "Start", the information of the WorldStarHipHop video, as well as the output formats and quality, will show up. Then you can choose your favorite quality for the WorldStarHipHop video. Remember to select "MP4" as your output format. Finally, hit the "Download" icon, and your WorldStarHipHop video will be downloaded within seconds.


Select Video to Save

Way 2. Download WorldStarHipHop Videos to MP4 with VidPaw Extension

STEP 1. Install Tampermonkey Extension
First, click here to install Tampermonkey extension to your browser first, because it can provide a stable environment for the VidPaw extension to run smoothly.


VidPaw Extension

STEP 2. Install VidPaw Extension
After installing Tampermonkey, now click on "VidPaw Extension" to add VidPaw extension to your browser.


NOTE: VidPaw extension can only be installed to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge at present.

VidPaw Extension

STEP 3. Download WorldStarHipHop Videos to MP4 with VidPaw Extension
Now refresh the WorldStarHipHop video page, you will find a VidPaw icon under the video. Click it and you can go to VidPaw to download WorldStarHipHop video to MP4 easily. The icon looks like the one shown in the picture below.


Download with VidPaw Extension

Way 3. Download WorldStarHipHop Videos to MP4 by Changing URL

This is the simplest way to download WorldStarHipHop videos from YouTube to MP4 with VidPaw.
STEP 1. Open the WorldStarHipHop video on your browser.
STEP 2. Add "paw" to the URL of the video on the address bar. For example, "".
STEP 3. Press "Enter" on the keyboard and select MP4 as the output format.
STEP 4. Click on "Download". Then your favorite WorldStarHipHop video can be downloaded in MP4 simply.




Now you know how to convert WorldStarHipHop video to MP4 freely online now. VidPaw is really a good helper to help you get your favorite videos from WorldStarHipHop site. It needs no charge and is 100% safe for using. What are hesitating for? Download WorldStarHipHop videos to MP4 with VidPaw now!



Published on December 5, 2018

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