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How to Online Download Dailymotion HD Videos & Audio Easily

August 29, 2018

Dailymotion is one of the biggest and most popular video-sharing websites, which allows its users to upload, share and view videos online. And nowadays, it has collected all sorts of videos and songs, including dramas, music videos, movie etc., and there is always a favorite one for you.
However, can you imagine how many monthly search volume does the keyword "download Dailymotion" enjoy? It's about 110,000/mo! Except for that, other related keywords like "download Dailymotion videos", "Dailymotion video downloader" and "Dailymotion movies" also boast a stunning volume per month. As the data shows, the strong demand for downloading Dailymotion HD videos and audio goes stronger day by day, and that's also the reason why we made VidPaw here.



Part 1. What is VidPaw?

If you have the question, like
"Can I download Dailymotion video or audio with VidPaw?"
"Is VidPaw safe?"
"Would the output quality of the Dailymotion videos or audios be low?"
"Should I pay for VidPaw's service?"

Congratulation! You have made your way here! In this part, I will totally answer all your questions about VidPaw.
VidPaw is a powerful and reliable online video downloader, which can assist its users around the globe to download videos from more than 1,000 websites, including Dailymotion. Besides, with its superior online video and audio download function, there are various output format and quality selections for your desired Dailymotion video.

Nicely, as the clean and intuitive interface setting on VidPaw, it's quite easy for you to get your downloaded HD Dailymotion video or HQ Dailymotion song within several clicks. What's more, to ensure you a good and secure usage experience, we make VidPaw contained neither malware and virus, meanwhile, no ads are allowed in VidPaw.




Below is the comprehensive tutorial for downloading Dailymotion videos or audio on your computer with VidPaw.

Part 2. Easy Ways to Download Dailymotion videos Online

In this part, you will get some easy ways to download Daily videos on your iPhone/Android phone/PC. Check the guidance out, and download the video from Dailymotion.

Download Dailymotion Videos on iPhone

STEP 1. First, open the App Store to download Documents on your iPhone. Then run Documents and navigate to VidPaw homepage as the following image shows.


Download Document on iPhone And Head to VidPaw


STEP 2. Then, go to Dailymotion and search the video you want to save. When you've found the page of your desired Dailymotion video, select all its link from the address bar to copy the link of the video.

STEP 3. Once you have copied the link, head to VidPaw again, and paste the link on the blank.
STEP 4. Now, Click "Start" and you will see there are various output format and quality provided on VidPaw, just choose your desired one to download the Dailymotion video in your favorite format and quality.
Output Video Format: WEBM, 3GP, MP4
Video Quality: 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K

STEP 5. As you can see, a new window will pop up as you press on "Download". Simply select the output folder in Documents, and click on "Save" in the upper-right corner to start downloading Dailymotion video.

If you follow all the steps I have mentioned, the downloaded Dailymotion video is exactly saved in your desired folder in Documents. Now, get some snack and enjoy the Dailymotion video on your iPhone!


Enjoy Your Desired Dailymotion Video on iPhone

Download Dailymotion Videos on Android Phones

STEP 1. To begin with, go to Dailymotion and find the video you want to save.
STEP 2. Then copy its link and paste it on VidPaw. Click "Start" and choose your desired output format and quality for the Dailymotion video.
STEP 3. Press "Download" to submit download Dailymotion video and waiting for download completed in a minute.
After that, you can enjoy the Dailymotion video on your Android phone offline even without network connection.  


Enjoy Your Desired Dailymotion Video on Android

Download Dailymotion Videos on Computer

STEP 1. Copy The link of Dailymotion Video on the Address Bar
Go to Dailymotion in browser, and find the video you want to download. Copy its URL.


Copy The link of Dailymotion Video on the Address Bar


STEP 2. Paste the URL to Download the Dailymotion Video
Turn to VidPaw and paste the link you have copied, and click "Start". After that, various video downloading format and quality will be listed on the page. Select your favorite one and move the cursor to "Download" and give it a click. Then the video will start downloading automatically.
The Output Format and Quality of Dailymotion Video

Part 3. Freely Download Dailymotion Songs to MP3 with VidPaw

Truly, some of you might want to download some nice background music or soundtracks from favorite music/movie videos on Dailymotion so that you can replay them on your iPhone, Android or computer anytime and anywhere.
VidPaw also meet your need. Next, I will guide you how to freely download Dailymotion songs to MP3 on the device you want with VidPaw.

Save Dailymotion song on iPhone

STEP 1. Run Documents on your iPhone, and go to the Dailymotion website to search the song you want to download. Then, copy the link of the song.
STEP 2. Now open another tap-in Documents to head to, paste the link you have copied and click "Start". Then choose the audio format as MP3, and select your favorite quality from 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps. After finishing all your selections, press "Download" and the download will be finished within minutes. Now, you can enjoy the Dailymotion song on the iPhone.

Save Dailymotion song on Android

STEP 1. Firstly, open a browser to turn to Dailymotion. Then find the song you want to download, simply copy and paste its link on VidPaw.
STEP 2. After that, click "Start" and finally tap on the "Download" to download the Dailymotion song with the output format of MP3 and the quality you want.
If you did appropriately, within a minute you will find the song successfully saved on your Android device.

Save Dailymotion song on PC

STEP 1. Input the Link of Dailymotion Song to Download
Once you have copied and pasted the link of the song on VidPaw, click the "Start" button and more choices are upcoming.


Input the Link of Dailymotion Song to Download


STEP 2. Save Dailymotion Song on PC
After that, select the audio format as MP3 in your desired audio quality, the simply hit "Download" to save the song on your desired output folder. Please wait until it finished downloading.
Now, you can replay the song on your computer even without connecting to the Internet.

NOTE: With the restriction of some video sites, sometimes you can't download the file if they were named. To avoid this circumstance, I sincerely recommend you to rename the Dailymotion video or song after downloading it.
Get VidPaw right now to online download Dailymotion HD videos & audio easily! Whether you are using Android phone such as Samsung Galaxy S9+ or iPhoneX/8, now, with VidPaw, saving your desired Dailymotion video or audio on the device you want is just an easy job!



Published on August 29, 2018

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