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For Chrome Users: How to Download Online Videos Freely

June 08, 2018
There is no doubt that Chrome must be the most popular browser on desktop around the world because it has held the half of the market share on desktop platforms. Billions of people, probably including you, may choose to use Chrome on Windows 10/8/7. When you are streaming online videos from YouTube, Facebook or other sites, sometimes you would like to download videos online on Chrome for offline playing or for storage. However, you might also find the frustrating truth that most of the sites provide no download option for you to download the online video on your PC.

In this case, you might need a video downloader to help you. Here we recommend you a useful video online downloader, called VidPaw.

Part 1. How to Download Online Videos Freely on Google Chrome

VidPaw is a versatile online downloader, providing professional video and audio downloading service for users. It supports download online videos with high quality up to 8K and audios with quality up to 320kbps. Of course, the output quality depends on the quality of the original video. Moreover, it is accepted by almost all browsers like Chrome on Windows 10/8/7. What's more, other awesome features of VidPaw are also worth mentioning.

- Support video output formats: WEBM, 3GP, MP4.
- Support audio output formats: M4A, WEBM.
- Support downloading closed captions/subtitles in SRT format.
- Totally free and easy to use.
- Over 1,000 sites are supported without any limitation.
- Fast download speed.
- Ads-free and virus-free.
- Do not take up any space on your PC.
Next, we will show you a detailed tutorial to teach you how to download online videos on Chrome by using VidPaw.

STEP 1. Copy Video URL
In the first step, open an online video from any sites like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram to get its URL.

STEP 2. Paste URL Into VidPaw
Navigate to > Directly paste the video URL into the search bar > Then, click the "Start" button to continue.

VidPaw Download Bar

STEP 3. Choose Preferred Video Quality and Output Format
In this step, you can choose a favorite video quality, 720p recommended. Moreover, MP4 is widely accepted by most of the video players, so MP4 is recommended to choose as the output format.

STEP 4. Download Online Videos on Google Chrome
Lastly, you can simply click the "Download" button to finish downloading. After a while, download video will be saved on your PC so that you can freely enjoy the offline video.

Select Video to Save

Part 2.[Tips] Add VidPaw Extension to Google Chrome

What's more, if you need a more convenient way, chrome extension might be suitable to you. Luckily, VidPaw also offers Chrome extension, so you can download online videos more easily with Google Chrome extension. Once you've added the extension on Chrome on Windows 10/8/7, downloading online videos is an easy job to you. Then, please follow the tutorial below.

STEP 1. Add the Tampermonkey extension, and then, install VidPaw extension to Google Chrome.

VidPaw Download Tampermonkey
Install Vidpaw Extension

STEP 2. Open an online video from YouTube or other sites, a VidPaw icon will be shown under the video. Next, click on the VidPaw icon to start downloading online video.

Vidpaw Extension to Download Youtube

After following the methods above, we believe that you have definitely downloaded the online video you need with ease. If you still have some question, please comment below to share with others.

Published on June 08, 2018

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