How to Download Larva Video A Funny Cartoon for Children?

While the Larva season 4 trailer has been uploaded on the video sharing sites, more and more children were stormed by its charm, which also brings each Larva cartoon video a considerable hit and video playback amount.
However, as parents are always busy with their work, it's impossible for them to enjoy the Larva cartoon with their children at any time. Therefore, if there is any way to download Larva video on parent's mobiles or desktop in advance so that they can view it with their children at the spare time?
And that’s why we made this post here! Just keep reading and you will learn how to easily download Larva video with a powerful video online downloader - VidPaw.



Part 1. A Brief Introduction to Larva Cartoon

Produced by Korean animation studio's Tuba Entertainment and Synergy Mediain, Larva is a simple and funny animated comedy which revolves around the two strange maggots - Red and Yellow, and their comical survival as bugs in the world of humans. Nowadays, Larva video gets very popular as it brings comedy and entertainment to its little viewers all over the world. And after the Larva season 4 trailer being uploaded on video sharing sites, you may also wonder how can Red and Yellow survive in the island and the characters of their new friends have heated discussion.


Larva season 4 is almost here and you might be taking times to search the best way to download the Larva video for your children. However, as many video sites don't support direct download service for its users, it’s still a pity that you can't directly download the Larva video from the video sites. Luckily, VidPaw can help you easily get the downloaded Larva video for your children.

Part 2. Fast Ways to Easily Download Larva Video on Mobile and Desktop

To better understand how VidPaw helps you to download Larva video on your desired device, I would like to show you some highlighted features of VidPaw ahead of all.
Features of VidPaw
① VidPaw allows its user to download online video from over 1000 sites.
② There are no pop-up ads contained on VidPaw.
③ No charge is needed to pay on VidPaw.
④ Various output formats and qualities for you to choose.
⑤ Support 8 languages - English, French, Spanish, Deutsch, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese


VidPaw Downloader


VidPaw is a wonderful and user-friendly online downloader, which can help you download the Larva cartoon video you want with ease. And as there is neither virus nor malware contained on VidPaw, we ensure you will have a 100% safe download experience. What are you waiting for? Just go to VidPaw right now and keep your pace on. Next, I will show you 3 fast ways to download Larva video on your desired device via VidPaw.

Way 1. Download Larva Cartoon on Android

STEP 1. Open a Browser on Android to Play the Larva Video
Now launch the browser on Android and search for the Larva video you want. Click and play the video, and then click on the address bar to copy the link of the Larva video.
STEP 2. Head to VidPaw to Paste the Link of the Larva Video
Then, open another tab where you should head to Simply hit on the search bar to paste the link of the Larva video and click the "Start".
STEP 3. Choose Your Desired Output Format & Quality to Download the Video on Android
Once you have pressed the "Start" icon, you would see there are various choices of output formats and qualities for the Larva video. All you need to do now is to choose your favorite one and hit on the "Download" button. Within seconds, the Larva video will be successfully saved on  Android.


Download Larva Cartoon on Android

Way 2. Download Larva Cartoon on iPhone/iPad

STEP 1. First of all, you should launch the App Store to download "Documents", then run "Documents" on iPhone and head to the VidPaw homepage with its built-in browser.


Download Larva on iPhone


STEP 2. Then, you should open another website to search for the Larva video you want to download and copy its link. After having copied the link, go back to VidPaw in Documents and paste the link into the box frame. And Finally hit on the "Start" button to finish this step.
STEP 3. Here, all you need to do is to scroll down and select download the video with your desired output format and quality. Simply click on the "Download" button and you will see a pop-up window to ask you to choose the output folder in Documents. While all the selection is done, click on "Save" and the Larva video will be immediately saved on the designated spot.

Way 3. Download Larva Cartoon on PC

STEP 1. To begin with, click here to get the Tampermonkey extension which is suitable for your browser on PC, which can really do help to make VidPaw extension to run smoothly.


VidPaw Extension


STEP 2. Make sure that you have installed the Tampermonkey extension on your browser in advance, and now you can hit "VidPaw Extension page" to download the VidPaw extension. But be careful that VidPaw extension can only be installed to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge at present.


VidPaw Extension

STEP 3. Now search for the Larva video you want to download, and you will see the download icon of VidPaw below the video. Simply hit on this VidPaw icon, and download the Larva video with your desired output format and quality.
You must have understood how to download Larva video on your device now. Quite easy, right? Just head to VidPaw homepage right now and download the video by following this post step by step. Within minutes, the Larva video will be permanently saved on your device so that you can view the video with your children at your spare time. What are you waiting for? VidPaw is the best Larva video downloader for you.



Published on December 07, 2018


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