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How to Clear YouTube Cache & Cookies on iPhone/Android/PC

July 23, 2019

When you are browsing websites on the Internet, the browser will save some information or data of the sites, like the logo, images, texts, etc. to your device automatically. By doing this, when the next time you return to the page, the browsing speed and performance of the website will be improved. 

YouTube Cache

But the negative effect of storing caches and cookies is that they would occupy the storage of your device, especially the cache of the video contents such as YouTube platform. Therefore, if you want to keep your device have enough space for saving other apps and files, you'd better know how to clear the YouTube cache & cookies after streaming videos/audios on it.

Part 1. How to Clean YouTue Cache & Cookies in Chrome on iPhone/Android/PC

When you choose to stream videos on YouTube with Google Chrome browser, the browser will keep the YouTube cache and cookies to enable a smoother and faster performance for having a better streaming experience. But keeping cleaning the cache and cookies regularly can make your devices always running with high speed. Therefore, you can follow the guide below to clean up the YouTube cache & cookies in Chrome on different devices with ease.
Clean YouTube Cache & Cookies on iPhone
STEP 1. Launch Chrome app on your iPhone.
STEP 2. In the lower-right corner of the page, click the three-dots menu icon and go to History.
STEP 3. In the page, hit Clear Browsing Data... in the bottom left corner.
STEP 4. Tick the options that you want to clear such as the browsing history, cookies, site data, cached images and files. Finally, click on Clear Browsing Data to remove the YouTube cache & cookies from Chrome.

Clear YouTube Cache & Cookies on iPhone

Clean YouTube Cache & Cookies on Android
STEP 1. Launch Google Chrome on Android.
STEP 2. Go to menu list by clicking on the three-dots icon on the upper-right corner of the interface.
STEP 3. Navigate to History page and hit Clear browsing data... option on top.
STEP 4. Check the box of the items you want to clear from Chrome browser, including the browsing history, cookies and site data, cached images and files.
STEP 5. Finally, click on Clear data icon to clear the YouTube cache and cookies from Chrome on your Android device.

Clear YouTube Cache & Cookies

Clean YouTube Cache & Cookies on PC
STEP 1. Open Chrome browser on your PC.
STEP 2. Click on the three-dots menu beside your profile icon, then go to More Tools > Clear browsing data.
STEP 3. Select the option you want to clear, for example, browsing history, cookies and other site data, cached images and files.
STEP 4. Click Clear data to remove YouTube cache & cookies from Chrome browser.

Clean YouTube Cache & Cookies

Part 2. Why Device Stores Cache & Cookies

You know that clearing the stored cache and cookies on your device can help to improve the performance of the device. But some people will feel confused about what cache & cookies exactly are. You get the explanation here.
About Cache
Cache refers to the temporary Internet files such as some images, logo, parts of the text, etc. that applications and browsers store for providing the faster loading speed for users in the future. By keeping a copy these cache data locally, the apps and browsers you have used will memorize them and in the next time while users visit the same sites again, these cache data would function and is loaded faster. 

Cache and Cookies

About Cookies
The functions of website cookies have some similarities as cache. As cache mainly stores certain existing parts of the sites, cookies are used to remember users' preferences of using the site such as the information they have filled. Many websites will also use cookies to track a user's browsing history, although this provides great convenience for users who visit the same platform in frequency, it is also regarded as a privacy concern.

Part 3. What Would Happen After Clearing the YouTube Cache & Cookies

Storing cache and cookies on devices will consume certain storage space. Therefore, if you don't clear them regularly, the data will occupy the space and drag the performance of your device behind. Also, cleaning up cache and cookies timely can also help users to protect their privacy information to avoid the privacy disclosure issue.
After you clear YouTube cache & cookies from the device, you may meet the following problems:
1. You will need to sign in your YouTube account again because the settings will be removed after clearing the cache & cookies.
2. The speed of loading YouTube will be slower due to the clean up of the cache, such as the items like images, logo, sections, etc.

Clean Browser Cache

When there some YouTube error messages occur when you want to stream videos on the platform, clearing YouTube cache & cookies can do help. Following the steps to clean cache & cookies can also higher the performance of your device to have better Internet browsing experience and prevent your privacy information from disclosing. Therefore, keep your device clean and start to clear YouTube cache & cookies now!


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