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Original│'Sing' Movie Full List Free Streaming Online

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July 12, 2019

In the society, there are many inspiring movies, and such kind of movies always can attract a great number of fans because they portray upbeat characters and deliver motivational spirits, which encourages a generation to fight for their dreams and pursuits. Sing is a movie in this category. Released in 2016, Sing describes a story about the protagonist's efforts to revive his theatre by holding a competition and the participants' enthusiasm and devotion to chase their dreams. 


If you are an entrepreneur trapped by capital, if you are disappointed in a relationship, or if you are troubled by the difficulties in your life, this movie may give you the warmest comfort.  With great meaning, this movie received praise of each of its aspect even though its plot is typical of the traditional style. Especially for its music, Sing won the outstanding music supervision award at Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Therefore, this blog would like to provide a free pathway for you to enjoy the Sing soundtrack online.

Part 1. 'Sing' Movie Introduction

Sing is a famous American computer-animated musical film which demonstrates that a koala Buster Moon (played by Matthew McConaughey) wants to save his theatre by the means of hosting a singing competition. As expected, this competition attracted many animals. After audition, several animals who respectively face annoyance and obstacles from life are selected.

Although the participants' situations are negative, they remain optimistic and finally make a big show. They never give up their dreams, strive to overcome the difficulties, and make great performance in the competition. Eventually, their performance impresses the audience, and due to the financial rewards, the theatre is rebuilt, renovated, and reopened.


Part 2. Full Album of 'Sing' Movie for Free Streaming

As mentioned, the Sing movie soundtrack has gained great popularity and success. No matter that you want to listen to the Sing soundtrack occasionally or that you are a fan who would like to collect them as your favourite, the full playlist of the Sing soundtrack below will definitely help you in that by tapping the first link, you can listen to the song and by tapping the second one.

Full Album of 'Sing' Soundtrack
  • 1
    Stevie Wonder & Ariana Grande
  • 2
    Gimme Some Lovin
    The Spencer Davis Group
  • 3
    The Way I Feel Inside
    Taron Egerton
  • 4
    Let's Face the Music and Dance
    Seth MacFarlane
  • 5
    I Don't Wanna
    Scarlett Johansson & Beck Bennett
  • 6
    Reese Witherspoon & Nick Kroll
  • 7
    Sing Cast
  • 8
    Gipsy Kings
  • 9
    Tori Kelly
  • 10
    Under Pressure
    Queen & David Bowie
  • 11
    Shake It Off
    Nick Kroll & Reese Witherspoon
  • 12
    I'm Still Standing
    Taron Egerton
  • 13
    Set It All Free
    Scarlett Johansson
  • 14
    My Way
    Seth MacFarlane
  • 15
    Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing
    Tori Kelly
  • 16
    Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight
    Jennifer Hudson

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