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[New 2019] Top 10 ShowBox Alternatives for Streaming Movies/TV Series

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July 11, 2019

If you use ShowBox frequently, you will understand that ShowBox is an excellent software to stream movies and TV series. With ShowBox, users can have access to various movies or TV series for watching on different devices, which can be a good entertainment tool to kill time when you want to watch something.
However, ShowBox sometime needs to update its system, and during this time you may fail to use it as usual. What's more, ShowBox sometimes requires a reliable network connection if you want to download the videos which you prefer to enjoy offline. 


In the following passage, we will introduce to you 10 excellent movie and TV series streaming websites as well as apps like ShowBox as a backup. If you are interested in any of them, just have a look now!

5 Best Apps Like Showbox for Streaming Videos on Mobile

1. VidPaw App

In the first of the list, VidPaw App is regarded as a perfect alternative to ShowBox for streaming video on Android phone/tablet. Like ShowBox, it provides rich video resources like the movies and TV episodes for users to stream directly inside the app. Then just click on the download icon set below the video, users can easily download it for playback later without Internet connection. You may have a nice streaming experience in VidPaw App.

VidPaw App

2. Titanium TV

Titanium TV is a mature online video streaming site like ShowBox, providing with various movie as well as TV series resources. You can find out this App in the App store. Titanium provides over 6 languages so that you are able to stream the video simply. What's more, it does not need to apply for an account. Just launch an app and watch the resources on mobile phone.

Titanium TV

3. Movie Box

As its slogan, Movie Box provides free HD movies and TV series to stream online. Whatever your media is Android, iOS, PC, or MAC, you can find out the download option easily on Movie Box official website. Movie Box provides countless sources of the released movies and TV series. If you are a big fan of streaming the sources online, you may feel that this application is amazing. 

Movie Box

4. PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD is a choice among the movies and TV series streaming market. PlayBox HD has many sources in American movies, including cartoon, action and romance. You are able to download the video for offline playback with this software on mobile device.

PlayBox HD

5. MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD is another alternative to ShowBox App that we suggest you to have a try. It offers different both Android and iOS so that both users can enjoy the high quality video streaming experience on mobile device. MegaBox is easy to use even you are the first time using the App. The online platform of MegaBox HD also supports to convert the videos into different format for flexible saving offline. 

MegaBox HD

5 Best Sites Like Showbox for Watching Movies/TV Series Online


If you don't want to use an App and want to stream movies/TV series online directly, you should try HULU. HULU is an excellent and popular movies or TV series online streaming platform. You are able to search for many TV shows, movies, even TV live in HULU. What's more, if you want to upload your own videos for sharing, just create an account and you can share it to everyone.


2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another ShowBox alternative site for enjoying various movies and TV series online. In the homepage, you will find movies or TV series with the embedded search bar easily. Thousands of video sources is provided on Tubi TV. For the best streaming experience, the site offers high HD quality for those who want to stream movies and TV series online.

Tubi TV

3. Netflix

Netflix provides with the high quality original movies and TV series for users to stream online without hassle. Except for those aired resources, Netflix also has its self-produced drama made by itself. Now, Netflix has become one of the most popular online video streaming website in the world.


4. 123movies

Maybe you seldom hear about the website named 123movies, but actually, this site becomes more and more popular today for those who want to stream movie resources online. Working like ShowBox, users can directly search for the movies and TV series they like on 123movies. You can also discover more movies that are your types according to the genres set on 123movies.


5. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is also regarded as a perfect ShowBox alternative for streaming movies online. It divides video in different using genres such as comedy, action, romantic, and so forth. It has a huge range of video sources for people to free access to. You can find both classic and latest video resources on it.

Popcorn Time

Maybe you have known some of these apps and online sites like ShowBox for online movie/TV series streaming. When you are tired of ShowBox, why not try any of these 10 alternatives to have a good streaming experience? 



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