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Best Screen Grabber to Capture Your Screen with No Watermark

Zachary Nelson
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Due to the epidemic, more and more activities have to be held in the form of online events. Online classes, video conferences, and even online exhibitions, etc., which make people's demands for finding a reliable video grabber are expected to get a boost. However, there are many free or paid software in the market that dazzles consumers' eyes. To choose the most satisfied one is to look for a needle in a haystack. So today, this tutorial will introduce the most convenient and easy to use one for you.

Best Screen Recorder

Part 1 Why Choose RecordAnyVid to Grab Your Screen?

As a simple but practical screen grabber, RecordAnyVid provides three main functions for both Windows and Mac users.

  • Video Recorder to record games, online lessons, and video calls, etc. 
  • Audio Recorder to record a call or the audio of a video. 
  • Screen Capture to capture significant information at any time.

To avoid users spending too much time learning to use the application, RecordAnyVid adopts the simplest interface design but provides a lot of user-friendly custom operations in the "Preferences" setting menu.

Mainly include the following preferences settings:

Recording Settings

Recording: Users can choose to customize the recording functions of RecordAnyVid to be more convenient for themselves to use.

Mouse: The display and color of the mouse are depending on users. This is specially useful for people who need to make video tutorials.

Hotkeys: The system has set five commonly used hotkeys, but users can modify them according to their keyboard using habits.

Output: It allows users to choose the destination folder, quality, and format of the output recordings.

Output Settings

Others: Settings about the program's updates and program close options.


Part 2 How to Grab Computer Screen with No Watermark with RecordAnyVid

Now, let's move on to the process of learning to capture screen activities without watermark using RecordAnyVid.

2.1 How to Record Video from Computer Screen


Step 1. Enter the setting page of Video Recorder. If you want to record the entire screen, select "Full" in the display option. If you just want to record a specific area, you can select the other fixed size in "Custom" or click "Select Region /Window" and freely select the area you want to record by dragging the mouse. 

* Except for DISPLAY and System Sound, the other two setting options are turned off by default and they can be turned on according to your needs.

Video Recorder of RecordAnyVid

Step 2. After setting, click the "REC" button to start grabbing the screen.

Step 3. The recording toolbar will be available at the lower right corner of the screen during the recording, so that you can pause or terminate the recording at anytime. Click the red button or use the hotkey to finish the recording once the screen activity is over.

Start Recording with RecordAnyVid

Step 4. Preview the video that pops up in the previewing window, and click "Save" to store the recorded video on your device.

Video Review


2.2 How to Record Audio from Computer

Sometimes you may not need to record the desktop but only need the audio file. Just go back to the first step and select Audio Recorder.

The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1. After entering the Audio Recorder, you can see that the system sound is turned on while the microphone is turned off by default. But you can run it as you need and record the outside voice together.

Audio Recorder

Step 2. Also, click the "REC" button to start recording the voice. During the recording, the following floating frame will be displayed on the screen, and the volume of the system and microphone can be adjusted at any time.

Floating Frame

Step 3. After the recording is over, you can also listen to it before saving it.

* The paid version can crop the beginning and end of the audio in the preview window.

Audio Review


2.3 How to Easily Take Screenshot on Computer

Plenty of people often uses screenshots to grab some wonderful images on the screen, which is the third useful function of RecordAnyVid.

Only three actions are required to catch the screen.

Select "Screen Capture"> Use the mouse to select the region > click "Save"

Screen Capture


Tips on Using RecordAnyVid:

1.The menu at the bottom of RecordAnyVid provides function of setting the record length, so the recording would stop as the setting duration you have made. 
2.RecordAnyVid also enables you to make a recording schedule if it is not convenient for you to be there when recording the screen.


Although there are many similar products you can find in the market and RcordAnyVid is not the most advanced one, but it can definitely bring good user experience for all of you. Now start recording the important or wonderful moments on the screen with RecordAnyVid.

Screen Recorder
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