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Convert GoPro Video Format to Make It Playable on More Devices

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Vlog is quite prevailing today. Many people would record their travailing moments, daily life moments down, and edit to be a Vlog, then share to social media platforms as a kind of record to memorize the special moments in life, and share with friends. Vlog is a special and vivid way people can use to make their lives memorable. How the video should be edited is also up to editors' choices. 

To shoot a Vlog video, GoPro is the most famous and recommended devices selected by a wide range of users. Not only ordinary users, but also many professors would use GoPro to record videos, shoot movies, TV shows, or variety programs. GoPro cameras has small size but can record videos with really good quality. It also develops a set of its own mobile apps and video-editing software, making the whole video creation process to be much simpler.

GoPro Camera

But every device would have its limitations, so does GoPro. Sometimes users may encounter with the problem that the recorded videos cannot be played on some devices. This mainly results from the format incompatibility. So today, the way to convert GoPro video to other formats will be introduced to you.

Part 1. What Format Does GoPro Encode Its Video?

Ahead of all, you need to be familiar with what formats the GoPro videos are, and you can know whether the GoPro video unplayable issue is resulted from the GoPro video format. 

We know that there are many different models of GoPro cameras, so the output video formats they support may be slightly different. For most the GoPro HERO models, the videos will be outputted in AVC (Advanced Video Coding) format, which is using the H.264 codec. The file extension of them will be in .mp4, which is the standard format among all video formats, so the videos can be well accepted by more devices and players.

Convert GoPro Video Format

But some special GoPro camera models such as HERO6, HERO7 Black, and HERO8 Black don't use AVC format to encode the output videos. Instead, they would use the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) format, which uses H.256 codec and has higher resolution than AVC format, but maintains the file size in smaller one. The file extension of these videos will be kept in .mov, and its widely-known player is VLC Media Player.

Part 2. Can I Convert GoPro Video Format?

When you find your GoPro video can't be played on the device you have, what should you do? The most common idea is to convert the GoPro video format to the one that is supported by your device, and the player on the device. If you also hold this idea, the following video converter, ConvertAnyVid, is what you need.

ConvertAnyVid is a professional and reliable video converter, also with high reputation. Supporting 300+ popular and common formats like AVI WMV, M4V, and MP4, ConvertAnyVid allows users to convert the media content to any format they need easily inside the program. It is well compatible on Mac and Windows, so you can enjoy the brilliant conversion performance brought by ConvertAnyVid. 


Furthermore, the intuitive and clear designed user interface allows users to know how to use its function clearly. The output quality includes 4K, 1080p, 720p and other high resolutions, so users can convert one high quality videos to other high quality formats. Moreover, ConvertAnyVid for Windows can have 6 times faster conversion speed. In addition, one brilliant thing about ConvertAnyVid also can be that it provides the tools you can use to edit and customize your videos before converting them to your selected format.

Simple Steps to Convert GoPro Video Format

Are you impressive by this amazing app? Now follow the steps to start the procedures to convert GoPro video format now!

STEP 1. Download and Install ConvertAnyVid
First, navigate to the official website in browser, and turn the site for heading to ConvertAnyVid product page. Then please select the Win/Mac version following the system you are using now. We highly recommend you to try the free trial version before purchasing it. 

STEP 2. Import GoPro Video to ConvertAnyVid
Then open ConvertAnyVid on your computer, and you should let the program know the GoPro video you want to convert. In the interface of ConvertAnyVid, click the Add File button on the top left corner and choose the GoPro video you want to convert for importing to ConvertAnyVid. 

Add File

(Optional) STEP 3. Edit the GoPro Video
As a comprehensive program, you can use the editing tools provided in ConvertAnyVid such as Rptate&Clip, Watermark, Effect&Filter, Audio, and Subtitle buttons to edit and enhance your GoPro video before converting it. 

Video Editing

STEP 4. Select Output Format
As mentioned, ConvertAnyVid offers 300+ formats you can freely select to convert the GoPro video to. Move up to the Convert All to in the top right of the workplace, then you can browse the format list and choose one output format for the GoPro video. Easily click on it to finish the selection

Select Output Format

STEP 5. Convert GoPro Video in ConvertAnyVid
When all is done, now you can also select a path on your computer to save the converted GoPro video in Save to section below the workplace. Just click Browse and you can choose the output folder. You can also skip this step then the videos can be saved in the default one. After this is done, the final exciting step is to click on Convert All on the right and you can convert the GoPro video to other format you select.

Convert the File

If you find your GoPro videos can't be played on your devices and players, you can convert the GoPro videos to other formats using ConvertAnyVid. Then you can make them playable again. Just try to make more Vlog videos with GoPro and ConvertAnyVid!

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