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[Fixed] How to Download Movies on Mac for Free

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Movies are almost a must in today's life, and many people would choose to watch a movie they like for relaxing and healing after working hard for a day or a week. Watching movies with friends is also interesting, because we can share the ideas with each other immediately afterwards. It's fun to have such discussion with close friends.

But the fact is that going to cinemas for watching movies would not only be expensive if you want to watch movies frequently, but also waste time because you have to queue up for purchasing the ticket as well as snakes, waiting for entering the movie hall, etc. Some people may prefer to watch a movie at home for it is more convenient and enjoyable. 

Watch Free Movies

However, the online platforms that provide movies for free streaming always require users to have a good network connection, especially for the high resolution ones. If not, the movies can't be played fluently and this will interrupt your streaming experience. To solve the problem, we provide two ways in the blog today for Mac users to download movies on Mac for free. Just check them below if you need!

Part 1. Using Movie Downloader for Mac

VidPaw for Mac is exactly the tool that can help you download the movies you like for offline playback from online video sharing platforms. 

With high compatibility, VidPaw for Mac can support to download videos from more than 1,000 sites, which includes the popular sites like YouTube, Netflix, and social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. To resolve the download process, VidPaw for Mac only requires very simple steps with its clean and tidy user interface, then the videos can be downloaded to the widely-used MP4 format with high quality like 8K, 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p, etc.

VidPaw for Mac

Other than video, VidPaw for Mac can also help you extract the music you like from YouTube and SoundCloud, helping to enrich your music playlist, having better music streaming time.

VidPaw for Mac also provides users with quite speedy download performance. From the in-app navigation performance, to the converting and downloading speed, VidPaw for Mac just works as fast as it could be. Using VidPaw for Mac can save much time even you get lots of videos to download.

Now, let's go to the steps on using VidPaw for Mac to download movies to Mac.

STEP 1. Copy the Video Link of the Movie
First, you need to go to the online video platforms such as YouTube for finding the movie that you want to download on Mac. It's just an easy task with the powerful search engine on these video platforms. After having accessed to the movie, you should copy its link right away.

STEP 2. Paste the Link to VidPaw for Mac
Then please move to VidPaw for Mac. After launching the program, you can easily notice the search bar in the middle of the interface. Now please insert the link of the movie to the bar, then click on Analyze to make VidPaw for Mac initialize the link.

Paste URL to VidPaw for Mac

STEP 3. Select Output Format and Quality
As VidPaw for Mac finishes analyzing the link, it would generate various of output formats and quality for you to choose to save the movie. Select one from these selections according to your need. 

STEP 4. Download the Movie on Mac
Now it's the last step. Just click on the Download button in the lower right corner of the format selection box, then VidPaw for Mac would start to download the movie to Mac for you. Wait for it patiently, then you can enjoy the movie offline!

Download Movie VidPaw for Mac

Part 2. Download Movies Online Without Software

Some people may consider that downloading an extra software would drag down the computer performance, or occupy the room of the device because it usually has certain size. Therefore, we would like to recommend another powerful online video downloader - VidPaw for you. 

Comparing to VidPaw for Mac, VidPaw online video downloader is absolutely suitable for more devices and systems to use because it is just an online platform. The performance of the downloader is nice, while it is quite easy to use. In addition, the output quality as well as performance speed would also be guaranteed. 


Now let's just see how to download movies with VidPaw online for free.

STEP 1. Copy the URL of Online Movies
First, you need to move to the platform like YouTube in default browser, and have access to the online movie you want to enjoy offline. Simply search for the name of the movie using the powerful search engine of the browser or video platform. As you get the result of the movie, click into the video page of the video, and copy its URL for preparation.

STEP 2. Paste the URL to VidPaw
Second, open VidPaw in a new tab inside the browser. As you are located at the main page of VidPaw, you will notice a search bar right on top the web page. Now you just need to paste the URL of the online movie you just copied to the search bar. Subsequently, VidPaw would begin the conversion process for resolving the URL automatically.

Paste Video Link to Download

STEP 3. Download Movie on Mac
Now we move to the final step. As VidPaw finishes converting the video, there will be multiple output selections provided for you to choose for downloading the movie. Simply click on the Download button on the right, then you can easily save the movie to your Mac for playing back offline at anytime you wish. You can have a good movie streaming experience!

Download Online Movie

[Small Trick] Download Movies with the Quick YouTube Hack

If you are going to download online movies from YouTube, there is a quick hack that is completely a surprise to you. Without navigating between sites, you can just save the movies to your Mac offline within simple steps. But pay attention that this trick can only be used to download YouTube videos.

STEP 1. First, please open YouTube in the browser and search for the online movie that you want to enjoy offline on Mac. From the countless search results provided by YouTube, please select the one you like and click for entering its video page. Then give a click on the address bar.

STEP 2. Please add 'paw' after 'youtube' in the address, then the video URL would be changed into like

Add Paw to Quickly Download YouTube

STEP 3. Now just press Enter and the page would be re-direct to VidPaw, where it just starts analyzing the video URL automatically and generates the download options for you. From the box, you just need to choose the video format and quality that meet your need, then click on the Download button to save the movie to your Mac for offline playback.

With both VidPaw for Mac and VidPaw Online Video Downloader in hand, we can get the simplest and most convenient way to get the movies we like for offline playback without so much limitation. I am sure that you would enjoy a good time as the movie downloading process becomes much easier.

VidPaw for Mac
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