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The Best MP4 to WebM Converter You Should Not Miss

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There are many excellent video formats invented for people to store different videos according to their own requirements today. MP4, the most widely-used format, which is also the standard for hundreds of video formats, is compatible by almost all devices as well as third-party software. However, because MP4 would usually compress the videos a bit larger, so actually, the quality of MP4 videos sometimes will be less clear as other formats that store original quality.

Convert MP4 to WebM

For example, WebM, another open source video format, which is used to encode videos with less compressed method, so the videos with WebM format would be more original and in higher resolution comparing to the same video using MP4 format. That's why many people put forward the idea to convert MP4 to WebM, so that they can preserve the video with better quality. Consequently, in the blog, we'd like to offer you the best MP4 to WebM converter since ever.

Part 1. The Best MP4 to WebM Converter You Should Try

After knowing people's demands to convert MP4 to WebM format - for their requirements to keep the video with more original and high resolution quality, we select the best MP4 to WebM converter we have ever tried, that is ConvertAnyVid. 

ConvertAnyVid is a reliable and smart video converter with high reputation among users who have tried to convert media formats with it. It supports 300+ popular and mainstream formats like AVI WMV, M4V, and MP4, etc., so you are sure to get an appropriate format for the videos or audios you own easily. Available on both Mac and Windows, ConvertAnyVid will well compatible with both and provides the best services to people using these systems.


Furthermore, ConvertAnyVid has other sparkling features, for example, it can output the videos to 1080 HD quality so you can have a really enjoyable streaming experience offline; for Windows users, an acceleration technology allows to enjoy a 6 times faster conversion speed than other apps'; free video clipping and editing tools are provided inside ConvertAnyVid, so you can have the easy editing experience before outputting the videos.

Part 2. Convert MP4 to WebM Without Hassle on PC

After learning about this amazing app, I believe that you must want to try converting the MP4 to WebM immediately on PC now. So in the following, let's go to view the operations on convert MP4 to WebM using ConvertAnyVid.

STEP 1. Download ConvertAnyVid and Add MP4 Files to It
First, you need to download ConvertAnyVid to your computer from its official product page. After the installation is done, please launch ConvertAnyVid on the device and show it the MP4 files that you want to convert to WebM. 
You should click Add File on the top left corner and select the MP4 for importing to the program. After that, ConvertAnyVid will quickly detect them and list them inside the program.

Add File to ConvertAnyVid

(Optional) STEP 2. Edit the MP4 Video
By clicking the magic icon on the video section, you can make full use of the editing functions set by ConvertAnyVid to adjust the video as you need. So before you are going into the next step, you can customize and enhance the imported videos for having better quality if you need.

Edit Video

STEP 3. Select Output Format as WebM
Now please go to the most important step - you need to choose the output format for the MP4 videos as WebM. As you can see, there is a Convert All to section in the top right corner of the workplace, where is the place for choosing output format. 
Click on the little arrow on the right and browse the format list for selecting WebM as the output format.

Select WebM Format

STEP 4 Convert MP4 to WebM with ConvertAnyVid
Before conversion, one more step you can do is to choose an output folder in Save to below the workplace. After that, you can do the exciting thing eventually - click on Convert All button on the right side to start converting MP4 to WebM format for saving on your computer! The conversion will be done as soon as possible.

Convert MP4 to WebM

[Read Also] Convert MP4 to WebM Online for Free

Considering that using a software may not only occupy the storage of your computer, but also would slower the CPU of it so that the performance of your whole device will be lagged. Therefore, using an online MP4 to WebM converter is absolutely a need for these users. Here I would introduce the MP4 to WebM online converter of Online Uniconverter.

Online Uniconverter Interface

Online Uniconverter has a comfortable and intuitive interface, allowing users to easily convert MP4 to WebM format with simple clicks and no hassle. You only require three steps to convert. Wait? 3 Steps? How? Read the procedures below now!

STEP 1. Input MP4 Video to Online Uniconverter
When you land on the MP4 to WebM Converter interface on Online Uniconverter, you can notice a box on the left side. Here is the place you can input the MP4 video you want to convert to WebM. Click the plus icon, then a window will pop up for you to browse your computer and choose the MP4 files you want to convert for inputting to the online converter.

STEP 2. Convert MP4 Video to WebM Online
Online Uniconverter will respond quite swiftly and sensitively to help you upload the MP4 video. Then when the video shows in list, you can make sure that WebM format is selected, or you can change the output format by dropping down the format list beside. After that, please click on the Convert button to let Online Uniconverter convert the MP4 video to WebM format for you.

Select Format and Convert

STEP 3. Download the Converted WebM Video
After Online Uniconverter successfully help you convert the MP4 video to WebM format (it takes minutes and the time depends on the length of the video), now you gonna to save the converted WebM file offline on your device locally. Just click on the Download option showed there, then you can easily save the WebM video on your computer for playing back later.

Till here, the best MP4 to WebM converter - ConvertAnyVid, has been introduced to you. Also, the online solution is added as a plus if you want to try. But by comparison, the conversion speed of ConvertAnyVid is much faster and it is stabler. Online Uniconverter would take longer to convert the video files. So if you want to save your time and do the conversion more quickly, I sincerely recommend you to choose ConvertAnyVid for using.

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