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Ultimate Solution to Convert AVI to MP4 Losslessly

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January 19, 2020

When you are getting a video file that is encoded by .avi format, you may fail to play it in some installed media players on the device. Why? In most cases, it is probably that the media player you are using now doesn't support AVI format. Instead, a MP4 format is more commonly used, and it is almost the standard among all video formats. 

Convert AVI to MP4

Many people may have troubles when they fail to play the AVI video files and want to convert them into MP4 format, letting them be compatible with more media players, so that people can have more convenient playback experience. Now you are in the right place. Below in this blog, the ways on how to convert AVI to MP4 format will be introduced to you. Scroll down and read them now!

Part 1. What Is AVI Format?

AVI is a video format, which is based on RIFF (short for Resource Interchange File Format), used for storing media content. AVI was firstly developed by Microsoft company in 1992. Originally, AVI is developed for Windows devices as a standard format. 
By comparison, the size for AVI format is relatively larger because its quality is better and less compressed normally. Why? That's because AVI can also be created without being compressed at all. So this keeps the video files in its original quality without losing much. Therefore, saving the video files in AVI format means that you can have a better video streaming experience. 

AVI Format

Although AVI format is good, the fact is that it may not be supported by some media players or devices. If you need to convert AVI format to MP4 for playing on a media player that doesn't support AVI, keep reading now.

Part 2. Convert AVI to MP4 Format Online Within Simple Clicks

Here is the first method to convert AVI to MP4 format - using a free converter online - Online Video Converter. 
Online Video Converter is an open source online video converter, which provides free video converting and downloading services to users, and it requires no fee at all. It supports multiple formats, including MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, M4A, FLAC, WAV, MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, MKV, M4V, WEBM, FLV, and 3GP. You don't need to download software before converting video to the format you want. Only open the platform, select a file, choose the format, and submit convert, you can get the converted file in a short time.

Online Video Converter Mainpage

Let’s simply see how to convert AVI to MP4 using Online Video Converter now.
STEP 1. Go to Online Video Converter Site and Add File
At first, open Online Video Converter in your browser if you have add it to your favorite site, or you can directly click on the hyperlink above to go to the platform.
When you navigate to the site, and the conversion box in the middle is loaded, you can click on the orange Select or Drop File button set there to select file for importing to Online Video Converter. You can also drop the file to the box here directly.

Online Video Converter

STEP 2. Select Output Format
When the AVI file is added to Online Video Converter, it will analyze and convert it automatically. After the conversion is done, you will be turned to a new interface, where you need to select an output format for the video. Drop the list and choose .mp4.

Select Output Format

STEP 3. Convert AVI to MP4
After choosing MP4 as the output format, please click on Start directly to start the conversion for turning the AVI file to MP4. When Online Video Converter ends the conversion, you can save the converted MP4 video to your device by clicking on the Download button. You can also use your mobile phone to scan the QR to download it on phone instead.

Download the Converted MP4 File


[Recommend] Convert AVI to MP4 Format Losslessly with 6X Faster Speed

If you have tried the conversion service of Online Video Converter, you may find that the conversion process really depends on a good network condition, and the time for converting as well as downloading the converted file may be slow sometimes. Are there any other efficient way that we can use to convert AVI t oMP4 quickly?

Video Converter Ultimate is the right choice for you if you want a faster conversion speed. As a professional and well-performed video converter, Video Converter Ultimate has user-friendly functions, fluent in-app interaction, and speedy conversion as well as download speed. But what are the differences between Video Converter Ultimate and Online Video Converter?


Pros of Video Converter Ultimate
1. Comparing to Online Video Converter, Video Converter Ultimate has no ads, which means that it has a securer and tidier user interface.
2. Video Converter Ultimate has internal CPU acceleration setting, which can enable up to 6X faster conversion speed.
3. Video Converter Ultimate supports batch conversion, and at the same time, with quick speed.
4. Support over 300+ input as well as output formats, so users can get the video files with their preferred formats with ease.
Now let's also pay attention to the simple steps you should take to use Video Converter Ultimate to convert AVI to MP4.

How to Convert AVI to MP4 with Video Converter Ultimate

STEP 1. Download and Install Video Converter Ultimate
You can download Video Converter Ultimate from the official website. There are two versions of Video Converter Ultimate - Win and Mac. According to your computer, choose the version. Also, you can select whether to purchase Video Converter Ultimate or not because both free and paid version are available. If you just have a short video clip need to convert from AVI to MP4, you can experience the free one at first.

STEP 2. Import AVI Video to Video Converter Ultimate
When you get the Video Converter Ultimate installed on your computer, open the program and you will be in its video converter interface. Now please drag the AVI video you want to convert to MP4 to the interface of Video Converter Ultimate video converter directly. 
It is also available for you to click on Add File option in the top left corner of the interface to browse your computer and choose files to add. After selecting the file, it will be loaded in the converter automatically.

Add File

STEP 3. Select MP4 as Output Format
Then in Profile section, choose General video > MPEG-4 video (*.mp4). Except for MP4, there are other 300+ formats that Video Converter Ultimate provides, so just browse the menu and find out MP4 there. 
You will find that there are several options provided as MP4 format but with different quality. So you can freely select the one you like, and click to choose it. After selecting, you can also click Settings to do other output settings for the video.

Convert FLV to MP4

STEP 4. Convert AVI to MP4
It is also available for you to browse the computer and choose a path for saving the converted video through Destination below Profile. Finally, just click on the Convert button in the lower right corner and Video Converter Ultimate will start converting AVI to MP4 format for you. 
After the conversion is done, you can launch the output folder for checking the converted video in Video Converter Ultimate. Then you are free to use the MP4 video as you need.

Convert the File

If you need other formats for encoding the videos you own, remember Video Converter Ultimate will always stand here to serve you with its excellent performance. I would recommend you to purchase Video Converter Ultimate so that all the limitations will be removed. For example, you can use the batch conversion function, have no limits in using all the tools provided, etc. Video Converter Ultimate is just everything you need to have a convenient video streaming experience!


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