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[Resolved] How to Download YouTube Videos in 3GP

May 15, 2020

YouTube-3GP is a popular website that offers free and convenient service to convert and download YouTube videos in 3GP format. However, this website fails to analyze YouTube videos anymore. Instead, it pops up a notification showing that the URL is failed to be analyzed. But there is still other way to work out and help download YouTube video in 3GP. Keep on reading.


Part 1. Free Download YouTube Videos in 3GP Online

Instead of using YouTube-3GP, another online YouTube to 3GP converter can be used as an alternative to this helpful downloader, which is ClipConverter. Likewise, ClipConverter is also a web-based platform and offers free service. So instead of using YouTube-3GP, for users want to download YouTube videos in 3GP format, try ClipConverter now.


Step 1. Use a web browser and go to YouTube for copying the URL of the video you require to download in 3GP.

Step 2. In another window in the browser, navigate to ClipConverter and paste the URL to the downloading bar. 


Step 3. Under the downloading bar, please select 3GP as your output format. After this step, click on the Continue button beside the downloading bar, and ClipConverter will work for you to convert the YouTube video to 3GP.

Paste URL to ClipConverter

Step 4. After the conversion is completed, ClipConverter offers the downloading option to allow user save the YouTube video in 3GP. Select and then scroll down to hit the Start button and save the 3GP video directly.

Select Format ClipConverter

Step 5. Finally, when the conversion is completed, hit the Download button provided and the videos will be saved in 3GP.

Download Video in 3GP ClipConverter

NOTE: ClipConverter can download common videos, however, for music videos, it fails to offer download service.

Fail to Download MV

Part 2. [Solved] How to Download YouTube Music Videos to 3GP on Desktop

So how if people want to download YouTube music videos in 3GP? Especially today, music is the most required entertainment element in most people’s daily life. To overcome this obstacle, here comes the second method.
You need two separate tools to help complete this task as the online tools fail to download YouTube music videos in 3GP. 

Step 1. Download YouTube Videos

First, you can download YouTube videos offline using online video downloader that supports to download YouTube music video. U2Converter can bring you the help.


1. Copy the URL of the YouTube music video.

2. Go to U2Convert and navigate to the online video downloader. 

3. Paste the URL of the YouTube music video to the downloading bar, and U2Convert will automatically analyze the URL.

4. When the quality provides, select the option you need and please click on the Download button to save the music video in MP4 format.

Download MV U2Convert

Step 2. Convert YouTube Music Video to 3GP

Now you can convert the downloaded YouTube music video to 3GP with a desktop software, ConvertAnyVid.

1. After installing ConvertAnyVid, open it and click add the YouTube music videos to the program.

2. On the trip right corner of the interface, there is a Convert all tasks to menu. Drop it down and select 3GP as the output format.

3. Move down and you can select another output folder to save.

4. Eventually, tab the Convert All and the YouTube music video can be converted to 3GP successfully.

Select 3GP ConvertAnyVid

ConvertAnyVid Features

• 300+ mainstream output formats available;

• Easy-to-use functions and intuitive interface;

• More functions available such as Video Compressor, Metadata Editor, Video Enhancer, and 3D Editor.

Part 3. Download YouTube Videos in 3GP Using All-in-one VideoHunter

For Mac user, a tool that combine both video downloader and video converter together, which is VideoHunter.

Features of VideoHunter 

• Offers online video downloader to save online videos from 1,000+ sites;

• Provides high downloading output qualities such as 1080p, 4K, and 8K;

• Offers convenient video converter for Mac users (will later add on Windows version);

• Offers 6X faster downloading speed to function quickly.


Step 1. First, please go to YouTube and copy the URL of the music video.

Step 2. Paste to the downloading bar in VideoHunter, and tab Analyze.

Step 3. Select output format and quality, then click on the Download button.

Step 4. Navigate to Converter in VideoHunter, and add the downloaded YouTube music video to the program.

Step 5. Select output format as 3GP. 

Step 6. Submit Convert All and the music video will be converted to 3GP immediately.


Convert Video

Now just select the method that is most appropriate for yourself to download YouTube videos to 3GP. What's the next? Enjoy the downloaded YouTube videos now!

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