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7 Novels about Studying Abroad

January 29, 2021

When students desire to travel abroad to pursue college education, they search online for their dream college. A few months before they finally travel, they tick against their items list things like college fee, upkeep money and clothes, but one thing will always miss in the list: - a book about studying abroad. 
Communities abroad practice different cultures. You will meet new friends, go through lack and sometimes pain. There are many novels you can read to help you psychologically prepared for the new life abroad.

Read Novels About Studying Abroad

Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin

Students planning to study abroad places their hopes high, especially because they will be away from home. In most cases, the least they have on their desk is the name of the college they will be joining but beyond that, they have no clue what else to expect.
James Baldwin was a black man facing racial segregation back home. He felt relieved after he received a chance to travel abroad, to an interior Swiss village. He got surprised just like the locals were surprised because James was the first black person to ever set foot in that village.

Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

The Invisible Cities tells about a king who set out to explore the land beyond his kingdom. Accompanied by his royal assistant, they travel through great cities only real in their imagination. 


This is the kind of illusion a student can create in their mind as they prepare to travel abroad for college study. Once they get there, they have to face the real cities and compare if they are the same imaginary cities they had created in their mind.


Academic help while studying abroad

When studying abroad, it is essential to know where to get help in time of need. There are plenty of resources that can help when you have assignments and you are not sure where to start or even how to write and WritingBros is the best of them. You may want to write about university study abroad and by visiting the website, you can get inspiring essay examples about studying abroad. The sites have free essay samples to access and get ideas on the best information to use for your essay.

Map to the Stars by Jen Malone

An American girl Ella Durran is pursuing her life dream of studying at Oxford. She lands a scholarship and moves to England. Time has barely passed and things are changing quickly because Ella lands a lucrative job, although getting a job was not on her to-do list while abroad. 


This is a possibility and any student joining college education abroad can easily find themselves in such a situation. The book helps us to have a focused mind because many things can alter our dreams, especially when we are far away from home.

Benefits of Reading Novels

Lost in translation by Eva Hoffman

Eva had lost hope and all her past was lost. She decides it’s time to start afresh but not in her home country. She is looking forward to going far away from home and start afresh in a land with a new culture and language. 


Traveling abroad to pursue a college education can be a mix of excitement and discoveries. It is like you are moving away from the culture you have been used to and joining a new one that you have no idea how it will be like.


Salem Witch Trials

Colonial Massachusetts before 1692 was a land filled with family wars, politics in the church and children that were out of control. There was no political authority that would help keep situations in control. Witches were accused as the source of problems and between 1692-1693, hearings were made and above 200 witches were accused. 30 were found guilty and 19 hanged. You can get free essay examples on this topic on for your university assignments. If you want to write essays and are unsure about the topic, simply visit GradesFixer for the best essay examples in the book.

Season of Migration to the North 

by Tayeb Salih, translated by Denys Johnson-Davies

In this book, a man traveled to England to study and upon return, he met a friend who also studied abroad. His friend is bitter because, during his time there, he met with some white women who played a big role in his life that lead him to a life of different ideologies. 


His bitterness leads to his death. The man also struggles with his life because of the friends he met abroad and eventually changed his identity. 

Two years of college life abroad can make a lifelong difference in your identity because of the kind of friends you associate with.


Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The story is about two Nigerians who moved to America in hope of a better life. They realize the culture is different. They need to balance between their original culture and newfound culture.


We live in a globalized world and as students pursue college education abroad, they can find themselves intertwined between two cultures and wonder which one to take and which one to drop.

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

The book is vivid and narrates about a family seeking a better life. Ernt Allbright returns from the war in Vietnam and is determined to make his family life better. He moves to a remote place in Alaska and settles his family there. 


The community there generously supports them but soon winter sets in and reality comes upon this family. Caved in a house covered in snow, they are all alone and their help is from no one else but themselves. This is a situation a student can find themselves in when studying abroad.



As a student pursuing college education abroad, you can be faced with many challenges and if you were not prepared, you can easily give up and return home. The life you had imagined could just be an illusion but you must be ready to face reality. 

There are moments when everything will go to a standstill and when you try to find help, you realize you are all alone. It's then the time to stand strong and face the challenge.


Author's Bio:

Michael Turner is a market research analyst who works for an e-commerce company to help them find the ideal target market for their products. He also freelances in academic writing for economics and statistics students and helps them with essays, coursework, and dissertations. In his free time, he likes listening to music, watching world cinema, and playing hockey for fun.

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